A Guide to Internal Communications


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“How to build great internal communication to facilitate change”:

“How to build great internal communication to facilitate change” Learning Consultancy Partnership

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Does your communication help them to stand out from the crowd? Focusing on customer needs Engaging employees Helping managers communicate Leveraging talents of internal communicators Measuring impact of communication Branding employee experience

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Do they really see it in the same way that you do? Think about it.

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How is information cascaded?

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Do they know what it looks like?

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How committed are they to moving forward?

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Do you provide them with opportunities to get involved?

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What’s being said on the grapevine?

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Is internal communication part of your planning process?

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Do you celebrate success?

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Do your managers practice what they preach?

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Are you being heard clearly enough? Align your IC strategy to your strategic goals Involve your leadership team Have a plan for all levels of the organisation Communicate the vision Use a common language to communicate your key messages www.lcp.org.uk

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For free resources on leadership, learning and development visit us at: www.lcp.org.uk