5 Best Lubricants for Your Vehicle

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A lubricant is necessary to help minimize friction between moving parts so that components last longer. Choosing the right lubricant for your vehicle is dependent on the purpose of the lubricant and your type of vehicle.....http://shieldlubes.blogspot.com/2018/07/5-best-lubricants-for-your-vehicle.html


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5 Best Lubricants for Your Vehicle A lubricant is necessary to help minimize friction between moving parts so that components last longer. Choosing the right lubricant for your vehicle is dependent on the purpose of the lubricant and your type of vehicle. There are many types to choose from and choosing quality options will help your car run smoothly. Most industrial lubricants can also serve the purpose of coolant fluids that are also needed in vehicles.

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Greases Different car greases are needed to help provide lubricant to adhere to the surface better. Greases can act as a barrier which protects the surfaces from contamination and can prevent them from becoming corroded or damaged. Greases have a number of different consistencies that range for different purposes. It can cause resistance in small or fast moving mechanisms so it’s important to choose the right one. Find Shield Lubes multipurpose grease to help reduce friction and provide excellent lubrication.

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Penetration Lubricants Use penetration lubricants in order to help loosen and lubricate any rusted or corroded nuts or bolts in a vehicle. These lubricant needs to soak in order to be the most effective. A wire brush can help clean the threads and allow you to remove the nuts or bolts.

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Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic oil or hydraulic fluid is necessary in order to help keep the hydraulic system in the car running smoothly. Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic oil that is necessary for proper function. Brake fluid is designed to work in high temperatures and has a high boiling point since the brake system withstands a lot of heat in the car. Once it starts boiling the fluid will turn into gas making it compressible. The force from the brake pedal is used to help move the gas instead of moving the brake pads which causes the brakes to fail. The quality of brake fluid is important to prevent brake failure. KDLC Brake Fluids will contain anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibits to help ensure a long performance life.

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Engine Oil Engine oil is needed to help things move properly inside the engine. There are a few things you can do to choose the right engine oil ت و ي ز ت ا ك ر ح مfor your car. First understand the labels of the motor oil that you are looking at since it will help tell you what you need.

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The label should give you the SL service rating and the viscosity number so you know what type of replacement oil you need. Choose between synthetic and conventional motor oil.  Premium conventional oil is the standard oil for new cars. Car makers will specify a certain type required for the vehicle. Full synthetic oil is made for high-tech engines and these oils pass stringent tests which you will find on the labeling. Synthetic Blend Oil is made to help provide extra protection if you are driving heavier loads and in high temperatures. This oil is good for pickups and SUVs. There is also higher mileage oil that will last longer for cars that are somewhat older and have put on a lot of miles.

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Gear oil is needed for manual gearboxes and transmission fluid is needed for automatic transmissions. The oil is needed to make the gear transmissions as smooth as possible so there isn’t any damage to the components as they move. The best gear oil needs to have high viscosity resistance to heat and be able to function under extreme pressure. Follow recommendations for adding the correct amount of lubricants to your vehicle and how to choose the right type of grade of lubricants. Kuwait Dana Lubes is a top lubricant blending plant that specializes in vehicle industrial and marine lubricants. Source:-  http://shieldlubes.blogspot.co m/2018/07/5-best-lubricants-for-your- vehicle.html Gear Oil

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