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We are the manufacturers of finest quality shield lubricants kuwait. Get in touch with us to know more about the details and prices of our shield lubricants. We assure you of the finest quality products. These Lubricants helpful to Make Your Vehicle Go Faster.


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Shield by KDL

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Best Industrial Lubricant Manufacturer and Provider Kuwait Dana Lubricants Factory LLC Shield by KDL is one of the best industrial lubricant manufacturers and providers. With clients across the globe they have earned the name of a trusted company when it comes to lubricants and oils. They believe in offering best products and services.

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Let us know more about the company such as what it does where is it based and the areas it offers services to Kuwait Dana Lubes is part of the well-known industrial conglomerate Dana Group and is based out of UAE The company exports to over 60 countries and across continents including Europe Africa South Central America Asia Australia and Arab Countries. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified API Approved UAE BASED Lubricant Oil Manufacturer. More About the Company

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Its Head office is in Dubai UAE which is 5 minutes from the Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 3. Company also has 2 Manufacturing facilities in Ajman UAE. With their quality products and services the company has earned the name of the most trusted lubricants and Oil Company. Kuwait Dana Lubes are the best lubricant manufacturer and provider for the following products:

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Its Products Industrial Oils – the Company has a wide variety of products that are of premium quality and meet all necessary approvals and benchmarks. Quality is the utmost priority for the company.

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Some of the best products are: ●     Refrigeration Oil ●     Compressor Oil ●     Transformer Oil ●     Heat Transfer Fluid ●     Cutting Oil ●     Cold Rolling Oil ●     Quenching Oil

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Automotive Oils – It has premium automotive oil products and lubricants. The company is known for its value products and services that come at a very competitive price range. Some of the products of the company under the offering are as follows: ●     Gasoline Engine Oil – A fine product for gasoline engines. Ensures proper lubrication of the engine and protects it against the tear and roughness. It also cleans the surfaces of the engine for better viscosity. ●     Diesel Engine Oil – best oil for Diesel engines Keeps the lubrication under check for smooth functioning of the engine and adds more life to it.

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●     Hydraulic Gear Oils – ensures proper lubrication and seamless performance ●     Automatic Transmission Fluid – takes care of transmission

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Greases – The company also offers various forms of greases such as : ●     Calcium Grease Multipurpose MP2 ●     Calcium Grease MP3 ●     Lithium Multipurpose Grease MP2 ●     Lithium Multipurpose Grease MP3 Shield Lubricants – Company offers one of the finest and premium quality shield lubricants. Get in touch for best quality Not only in UAE it has earned a good name for its products among other Kuwait Oil and Kuwait Lube Oil Company

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Marine Lubricants – With a wide range of marine lubricants and products company has earned the name of the best company in marine products. Base Oils- Kuwait Dana Lubes is one of the largest manufactures and producer of Base Oils. With one of the largest capacities the company is the leading manufacturers. When it comes to the best lubricant company Kuwait Dana lubes’ name is always on top of the list of companies.  Company cherishes the title of the best lubricant suppliers in UAE.

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If you are looking for the best lubricant suppliers then look no further and get in touch with Kuwait Dana Lubes for a wide range of lubricant products and oils. Kuwait Dana Lubes offers you best products premium services and a wide variety of lubricants at competitive prices. We have the best products in industrial oil marine oil and automotive oil categories. Contact us today to know more about the products services and prices. Source:- https://kuwaitdanalubescompanyshi t-industrial-lubricant-manufacturer- and-provider/

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Contact Details Kuwait Dana Lubes Company  Kuwait Dana Lubes Company Kuwait Dana Lubes Company Kuwait Dana Lubes Company +965 2326 0723 Ali Sabah Al Salem Kuwait

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