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Allentics IT Solution a lead generation marketing agency can harness the power of lead nurturing and marketing automation to convert traffic into relevant leads for your business.We offer range of lead generation services like b2b, b2c lead generation etc that help grow your business.For more details call us : 918605661100 visit : https://bit.ly/2UtcNyw


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Overview and Strategy www.allentics.com | +91-8605661100 | infoallentics.com

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 Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.Lead generation often uses digital channels and has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years from the rise of new online and social techniques.  In shortLead Generation in digital marketing is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.  Lead Generation should be at the forefront of your digital marketing plans. www.allentics.com | +91-8605661100 | infoallentics.com

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 A potential customer in your target audience whom is interested in your product or service is called a lead. This is the very first point in the customer’s sales cycle and the first point of contact is usually through marketing.  Lead Generation in the digital marketing world can be broken down into sets of marketing activities that correspond with the customer’s buying journey with the aim to  Generate traffic to the business’s website  Covert those website visitors into leads  Convert the leads into customers. www.allentics.com | +91-8605661100 | infoallentics.com

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 For a business to grow they need customers. To get those customers they need to market themselves and gain the attention of potential customers and advertise there service and what they can offer them. This is why Lead Generation in digitalmarketing is so important.  Once a lead has been made it can then be passed onto the sales team for them to nurture and then convert into a buying customer. This can be done is a variety of ways. It could be that the customer’s email is added to an email newsletter for further follow up a phone call could be made to the client or an email.  Due to the advances in technology there is a lot more that can now be done with the information gained from your Lead Generation and digital marketing efforts. There’s software that can track product demand and customer habits trends can be analysed and make it easier to target your potential customer via social media advertisement. www.allentics.com | +91-8605661100 | infoallentics.com

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www.allentics.com | +91-8605661100 | infoallentics.com

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 Lead generation is broken down into sets of marketing activities that correspond with stages of the buyers journey starting with generating traffic then converting visitors into leads and eventually converting those leads into customers. In fact according to the 2018 State of Inbound report a marketer’s number one priority is converting leads to customers.  Use Content Marketing to Establish Thought Leadership  Leverage Paid Social  Optimize Your Site for Local SEO  Segment Email Marketing www.allentics.com | +91-8605661100 | infoallentics.com

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 Webpage Optimization  Running A/B Tests  Do Routine Website Checks  Create a Mobile Friendly Website Version  Keep Updating Keywords  Create Lead Magnets Through SEO  Personalizing Y our Content  Building an App  Make Videos for Y ouTube and Vimeo  Set Up a Blog  Use Social Media  Live Chats and FAQs www.allentics.com | +91-8605661100 | infoallentics.com

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 At Allentics IT Solutions we have run hundreds of lead generation campaign over the year. We offer strategic lead generation marketing services through different resources like Social media email marketing SEO website optimization PPC advertisement. Also Allentics IT Solutions will design creative user-friendly landing page of the website to engage targeted traffic to know more about your product/service from various sources execute quality leads.  Online lead generation through Social Media  Online lead generation through Search engine optimization  Online lead generation through Email-Marketing  Online lead generation through PPC Advertisement  Online lead generation through Website Optimization www.allentics.com | +91-8605661100 | infoallentics.com

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Visit : https://allentics.com/ Call : +91-8605661100 Mail : infoallentics.com Let’s Connect Socially Allentics IT Solutions