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This SEO PPT Presentation presented by Allentics IT Solutions covers all SEO Services in this PPT and it also covers all the main points related to a successfull SEO Services.To know more Call Us :8605661100 Visit Us :


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SEO  stands for  Search Engine Optimization , which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. What is SEO ?


Types of SEO Technical SEO On-Page SEO Content SEO Off-Page SEO Local SEO Mobile SEO eCommerce SEO


Quick SEO Optimization Tips for Your Blog 1 . Target the Right Keywords 2. Focus On Low Difficulty Keywords 3. Focus On Long Tail Keywords 4. Use Your Keywords in the Title and Subheadings 5. Write Compelling Titles and Meta Descriptions. 6. Make Your Blog Responsive 7.  Optimize for Featured Snippets 8. Optimize Your Images to Drive More Traffic


9 .Ensure That You Have User-Friendly URLs 10. Improve Your Site’s Load Speed 11. Create a Proper Content Hierarchy 12. Install an SSL Certificate on Your Site 13. Submit a Sitemap to Google Search Console 14. Remove Thin Content


SEO  Leads to Better User Experience. ... SEO  Is a Primary Source of Leads. ... SEO  Brings Higher Close Rates. ... SEO  Results to Higher Conversion Rate. ... SEO  Promotes Better Cost Management. ... SEO  Encourages Local Users to Visit the Physical Store After the Search. ... SEO  Builds Brand Credibility. ... SEO  Helps Establish Brand Awareness. Benefits of SEO to Your Business


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