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Design an inter-site navigational taxonomy; design site columns and content types; design keywords, synonyms, best bets, and managed properties; plan information management policies; plan managed site structures; plan term sets; plan hybrid cloud integration requirements.https://www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html


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70-331 Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013:

70-331 Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Productivity Architect Microsoft

Meet Chris Bortlik :

Productivity Architect Meet Chris Bortlik SharePoint Insider Former Customer Author, Blogger, Speaker

About You …:

About You … Using SharePoint Online? IT Professional? Other Role? Developer? https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

Key Topics:

Key Topics SharePoint Online Fundamentals SharePoint Online Admin Center Scenarios + New Features Resources PowerShell + Advanced Admin Scenarios https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

SharePoint Online Fundamentals:

SharePoint Online Fundamentals

SharePoint Online Administration:

SharePoint Online Administration https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

High-level Office 365 Architecture:

High-level Office 365 Architecture Cloud identity + directory synchronization Single sign on + directory synchronization Customer P remises AD MS Online Directory Sync Provisioning platform Lync Online SharePoint Online Exchange Online Active Directory Federation Server 2.0 Trust IdP Directory Store Admin Portal/ PowerShell Authentication platform IdP

SharePoint Online Admin Center Scenarios:

SharePoint Online Admin Center Scenarios

Key Scenarios:

Key Scenarios Service Monitoring User & Group Management Application Management Site Collection Provisioning & Management https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html


Demo SharePoint Online Admin Center https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

Office 365 Admin Center:

Office 365 Admin Center

Service Health:

Service Health

Prior Incidents:

Prior Incidents

Incident Details:

Incident Details https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

Users & Groups:

Users & Groups

User Settings:

User Settings

User License Assignment:

User License Assignment

Security Groups:

Security Groups https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

Manage User Profiles:

Manage User Profiles https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

Find User Profile:

Find User Profile

Add Site Collection Owner:

Add Site Collection Owner

Manage User Permissions:

Manage User Permissions

Setup My Sites:

Setup My Sites

Manage Promoted Sites:

Manage Promoted Sites

Audience Targeting for Promoted Sites:

Audience Targeting for Promoted Sites https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

Manage SkyDrive Pro Storage Allocation:

Manage SkyDrive Pro Storage Allocation

SharePoint Online Admin Center:

SharePoint Online Admin Center

Create Site Collection:

Create Site Collection

External Sharing:

External Sharing

Delete Site Collection:

Delete Site Collection

Site Collection Recycle Bin:

Site Collection Recycle Bin https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html



Self Service Site Provisioning:

Self Service Site Provisioning https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

SPC Demo Team Site:

SPC Demo Team Site

Share Site with External User:

Share Site with External User

Manage External Access Requests:

Manage External Access Requests

Add an App:

Add an App

SharePoint Store:

SharePoint Store

Request an App:

Request an App

Request an App:

Request an App

View App Requests:

View App Requests

Manage Apps:

Manage Apps

App Catalog:

App Catalog

Distribute SharePoint Apps:

Distribute SharePoint Apps

Application Properties:

Application Properties

Manage App Requests:

Manage App Requests https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

Approve App Request:

Approve App Request

Manage App Licenses:

Manage App Licenses

Manage App Store Settings:

Manage App Store Settings

Monitor Apps:

Monitor Apps

App Monitoring:

App Monitoring

General SharePoint Online Settings:

General SharePoint Online Settings https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

New Admin Features Coming Soon!:

New Admin Features Coming Soon!



External User Management:

External User Management

Site Sharing Settings:

Site Sharing Settings https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

Manage External Users:

Manage External Users

Manage Site Sharing:

Manage Site Sharing https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html


OneDrive for Business Quota Management

User Based Storage Management:

User Based Storage Management https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html


OneDrive for Business Reports

Simplified Admin Experience + More Control:

Simplified Admin Experience + More Control

PowerShell Scenarios:

PowerShell Scenarios

Key Tools:

Key Tools SharePoint Online Management Shell Command Builder PowerShell ISE


Demo PowerShell https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

SharePoint Online Management Shell:

SharePoint Online Management Shell

Command Builder:

Command Builder

Windows PowerShell ISE:

Windows PowerShell ISE

Command Help:

Command Help

Advanced Admin Scenarios:

Advanced Admin Scenarios

Advanced Self Service Site Collection Provisioning:

Advanced Self Service Site Collection Provisioning

Additional Automation Options:

Additional Automation Options Client Side Object Model (CSOM) Hosting Apps in Azure 3 rd Party Tools https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html



SharePoint Online Service Description:

SharePoint Online Service Description

SharePoint Online Limits:

SharePoint Online Limits

SharePoint Online Hybrid:

SharePoint Online Hybrid

Wrap Up:

Wrap Up

Session Summary:

Session Summary SharePoint Online Fundamentals SharePoint Online Admin Center Scenarios + New Features Resources PowerShell + Advanced Admin Scenarios https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html

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Using Windows PowerShell with SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint Online Governing & configuring divisional sites in an enterprise environment Site provisioning techniques with SharePoint apps Related SPC 2014 Sessions


Questions? Pass4sureexam https://www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html @Pass4sureexam [email protected] https:// www.pass4sureexam.com/70-331.html


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Build Your Plan …:

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Content Migration Options:

Archive old sites (read only mode), clean-up, & build new sites for new content Manual (e.g. OneDrive for Business, Windows Explorer, browser) Scripts 3rd party tools Content Migration Options

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