Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales .

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Power Systems with POWER 8 Enterprise Technical Sales

POWER7™ Technical Excellence and Announcement Highlights:

POWER7™ Technical Excellence and Announcement Highlights


4 IBM’s Virtualization https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

IBM’s 39-year history of leadership in virtualization:

5 IBM’s 39-year history of leadership in virtualization IBM develops hypervisor that would become VM on the mainframe IBM announces first machines to do physical partitioning IBM announces LPAR on the mainframe POWER LPAR design begins 1967 1973 1987 IBM introduces LPAR in POWER4™ based systems with AIX 5L™ Advanced POWER™ Virtualization ships 2004 2001 1997 Timeline reference http://www.levenez.com/unix/history.html#01 Customer quote source: rku.it case study published at http://www.ibm.com/software/success/cssdb.nsf/CS/JSTS-6KXPPG?OpenDocument&Site=eserverpseries “In our opinion, they [System p servers] bring mainframe-quality virtualization capabilities to the world of AIX®.” - Ulrich Klenke, CIO, rku.it January 2006 Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM System p™ servers


6 IBM APV Benefits Can help lower the cost of existing infrastructure Can increase business flexibility and reduce the complexity to grow your infrastructure Deployed in production by a significant number of System p clients 5 Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM System p 1) Advanced POWER Virtualization (APV) is an optionally orderable feature on IBM System p, 2) Partition Load Manager (PLM) is not supported on OpenPower / Linux Partitions, 3) Only available on select models, 4) “Business Case for IBM System p5 Virtualization,” Economic Benefits of IT Simplification. International Technology Group, 02/10/2006. Study methodology: Companies in financial services, manufacturing and retail with $15 Billion+ revenues and total 200,000+ employees focusing on UNIX® large enterprise environments with multiple, broad-ranging applications. Study compared the cost of the company's workload running on multiple vendor servers and employing minimal virtualization to the cost of the company's workload running on the p5-510, 550, 570, 590 and 595 – all using Advanced POWER Virtualization [APV]. APV is standard on System p5 590 and 595. Other System p servers have the option to add APV except the System p5 185. This cost analysis was performed for financial services, manufacturing and retail example environments with an overall average savings of up to 62% in TCO savings by virtualizing and consolidating on the System p servers. For further information, see the white paper at: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/p/library /consult/ itg_p5virtualization.pdf Total Cost of Ownership may not be reduced in each consolidation case. TCO depends on the specific customer environment, the existing environments and staff, and the consolidation potential. , 5) IBM sales Statistics, *All statements regarding IBM future directions and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives only. Any reliance on these Statements of General Direction is at the relying party's sole risk and will not create liability or obligation for IBM. IBM Confidential Advanced POWER Virtualization 1 Micro - Partitioning • Share processors across multiple partitions • minimum 1/10 th processor Micro-Partitioning™ • Create up to 10 micro-partitions for each System p5 processor • Resize without rebooting your system Virtual I/O Server • Integrated Virtualization Manager 3 • Share Ethernet, SCSI and Virtual I/O Server • Share Ethernet, SCSI and Fibre Channel disks Partition Load Manager 2 • Automatically balance processor Partition Load Manager 2 • Automatically balance processor and memory requests Integrated Virtualization Manager 3 Manage a single system without an HMC Partition Mobility 4Q07* Move a running partition from one P6 server to another with no downtime Linux on POWER

System p virtualization:

7 Databases Applications Web System p virtualization Proven mainframe-inspired Hypervisor Outstanding RAS Low Overhead Easy-to-use management interface AIX 5L™ and Linux Deployed in production by a significant number of System p clients* *IBM Sales Statistics https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


8 How does it work? https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Advanced POWER Virtualization Option:

9 Advanced POWER Virtualization Option

Advanced POWER Virtualization Option:

10 Advanced POWER Virtualization Option

Micro-Partitioning technology:

11 Micro-Partitioning technology Partitioning options Micro-partitions: Up to 254* Configured via the HMC Number of logical processors Minimum/maximum Entitled capacity In units of 1/100 of a CPU Minimum 1/10 of a CPU Variable weight % share (priority) of surplus capacity Capped or uncapped partitions Micro-partitions Pool of 6 CPUs Linux i5/OS V5R3** AIX 5L V5.3 AIX 5L V5.3 Linux Entitled capacity Hypervisor Min Max *on p5-590 and p5-595 ** on p5-570, p5-590 and p5-595 AIX 5L V5.2 AIX 5L V5.3 Dynamic LPARs Whole Processors Micro-Partitioning technology allows each processor to be subdivided into as many as 10 “virtual servers”, helping to consolidate UNIX® and Linux applications. Note: Micro-partitions are available via optional Advanced POWER Virtualization or POWER Hypervisor and VIOS features. https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

How to create a Micro-Partitioning LPAR?:

12 How to create a Micro-Partitioning LPAR? https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Physical Processors and Virtual Processors:

13 Physical Processors and Virtual Processors https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

IBM System p5: Simultaneous multithreading:

14 IBM System p5: Simultaneous multithreading POWER4 (Single Threaded) CRL FX0 FX1 LSO LS1 FP0 FP1 BRZ Thread1 active Thread0 active No thread active Utilizes unused execution unit cycles Presents symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) programming model to software Natural fit with superscalar out-of-order execution core Dispatch two threads per processor: “It’s like doubling the number of processors.” Net result: Better performance Better processor utilization Appears as four CPUs per chip to the operating system (AIX 5L V5.3 and Linux) System throughput SMT ST POWER5+ (simultaneous multithreading) https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


15 # smtctl -off # smtctl -on Simultaneous Multi-Threading (On and Off) https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Advanced POWER Virtualization Option:

16 Advanced POWER Virtualization Option https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Virtual Ethernet (Partition Communication):

17 Dedicated or Shared Partitions Virtual I/O Server is not necessary Hypervisor 1 Virtual Ethernet TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack AIX 5L V5.3 Linux AIX 5L V5.3 Virtual Ethernet (Partition Communication) Linux AIX 5L V5.3 2 VLANs Partitions https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Creating Virtual IO Server:

18 Creating Virtual IO Server https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Virtual I/O Server - Ethernet Sharing:

19 Configured like a standard Ethernet Can have multiple connections per partition Virtual “MAC” addressing Each adapter can support 16 virtual Ethernet LANs Hypervisor IP network Virtual I/O server 1 partition R B Virtual Ethernet TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack TCP/IP stack Virtual I/O server 2 partition AIX 5L V5.3 Linux AIX 5L V5.3 Virtual Networking Virtual Networking Virtual I/O Server - Ethernet Sharing

Virtual I/O Server Ethernet Sharing:

20 How it work? Example Virtual I/O Server Ethernet Sharing https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


21 One physical drive can appear to be multiple logical drives LUNs appear as individual logical drives Minimizes the number of adapters AIX 5L V5.3 Linux AIX 5L V5.3 2A 3A 4A A SCSI Fibre 2B 3B 4B B SCSI Fibre 1B Mirror 5B Mirror Mirror Mirror Virtual I/O server 1 Virtual I/O server 2 2B 3B Hypervisor layer Mirror Can have mixed configuration (virtual and real adapters) SCSI and Fibre supported Supports AIX 5L V5.3 and Linux partitions 4B 2A 1A 5A 3A 4A Hypervisor layer Virtual I/O Server Disk Sharing


22 Virtual I/O Server Disk Sharing (How it work?) https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


23 Virtual I/O Server Disk Sharing (Examples) https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Advanced POWER Virtualization enhancements:

24 Advanced POWER Virtualization enhancements Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) 1.3 VIOS Monitoring through PTX and Topas Performance Enhancements for Virtual SCSI and Virtual Ethernet Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM) Decrease downtime - Resize and modify partitions without server disruption with support for dynamic LPAR Save time – With new wizards, deploying multiple partitions and system plan management is a snap Leverage System p Virtualization and Reduce your server TCO by up to 60%* * “Business Case for IBM System p5 Virtualization,” Economic Benefits of IT Simplification . International Technology Group, February 10, 2006 Topas (part of AIX 5.3) PTX (AIX LPP)

Advanced POWER Virtualization Option:

25 Advanced POWER Virtualization Option

Partition Load Manager for AIX5L:

26 Before resource tuning Jay Kruemcke IBM 2003 Policy-based, automatic partition resource tuning Dynamically adjust CPU and memory allocation Test LPAR Agent CRM LPAR Agent Finance LPAR Agent Unbalanced resource allocation 3 CPU 5 CPU 6 CPU After resource tuning Agent Agent Agent Adjust resource allocation based on business priority Test LPAR CRM LPAR Finance LPAR 1 CPU 3 CPU 10 CPU PLM Server Partition Load Manager for AIX5L https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

PLM – Configuration by WebSM:

27 PLM – Configuration by WebSM WebSM POWER5 Servers https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Advanced POWER Virtualization Option:

28 Advanced POWER Virtualization Option

Hardware Management Console (HMC):

29 Hardware Management Console (HMC) Supports POWER5 and POWER5+ processor-based servers only Licensed Machine Code: 7310-C05 (desktop) 7310-CR4 (rack-mount) Models available: Required for CoD and clustering environments and some RAS functions Optional for APV on standalone servers Requirements: POWER5 provides Ethernet support of the HMC Ethernet support: server RUN server RUN server RUN 7212 server RUN x330 server RUN x330 RUN server https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


30 Integrated Virtualization Manager Available for: p5 560Q p5 55X p5 52X p5 51X p5 505 Blade JS21 ... integrated with APV https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

System p APV vs. HP/Sun/VMware:

31 System p APV vs. HP/Sun/VMware Source: competitive analysis, company websites


32 Advanced POWER Virtualization Web site http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/p/apv/index.html “The logical partition [LPAR] capability of the System p5 server was the key factor in our decision, enabling us to run multiple independent systems on the same physical machine. In our opinion, IBM leads the market in this area.” 1 - Wolfgang Franz, IT Manager, Bionorica AG. December 2005 Your one-stop shop for System p virtualization info: Discussion Forums Certifications Case Studies Whitepapers Education 1) Bionorica case study published at http://www-306.ibm.com/software/success/cssdb.nsf/CS/DNSD-6KBFWW?OpenDocument&Site=eserverpseries


33 Extra Tools https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Easily size for your virtualized environment:

34 Easily size for your virtualized environment FREE! IBM System Planning Tool Download From: http://www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/support/tools/systemplanningtool/ Design and size System p partitions Export system configuration for new server orders Automatically deploy your system plan through the Hardware Management Console (V5.2) https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Easily track usage and accounting costs in a System p virtualized environment:

35 Easily track usage and accounting costs in a System p virtualized environment Reduces errors and provides value audit trails Measures, analyses and reports the utilization and costs of different computing resources: Servers Storage Networks Databases Virtualized environments Messaging And, other shared services IBM Tivoli® Usage and Accounting Manager – one central repository with automation and auditing Unique accounting features in AIX 5L V5.3 allow System p clients to benefit from detailed reporting not available to other UNIX platforms. New! https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


36 What is System p Application Virtual Environment for x86 Linux (System p AVE - x86) Supports installation and running of existing 32-bit x86 Linux applications 1,2 Creates an x86 Linux application environment running on Linux on System p Extends value of IBM System p and BladeCenter JS21 to x86 Linux apps How does it work? Dynamically translates and maps x86 Linux instructions to POWER Mapping and caching techniques are used to enhance application performance within the System p AVE-x86 environment System p Application Virtual Environment for x86 Linux Operating system call mapping Dynamic binary translation Allows software written for x86 Linux to just run on IBM System p servers running Linux x86 Linux Applications Linux on POWER (1) No direct hardware access and no kernel access (2) IA-32 instruction set architecture (x86) * * As defined by the 1997 Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual consisting of Basic Architecture (Order Number 243190), Instruction Set Reference Manual (Order Number 243191) and the System Programming Guide (Order Number 243192) all dated 1997.


37 Virtualization Benefits https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


38 “The centralized, virtualized CRM environment powered by eServer p5 [System p] servers provides superior infrastructure support, improved efficiency in our people and systems and truly optimized operations.” 6 Help improve application performance …and increase business responsiveness These companies reported increased application performance with IBM technologies including System p virtualization: KCA DEUTAG: Reduced SAP reporting from 2.5 hours to 20 minutes 1 Alstrom: Doubled SAP transactions per second 2 Sinopec: Completed ERP reporting in 30-35% less time 3 rku.it: Increased SAP response time by 33% 4 https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


39 Driven by the increasing numbers of physical systems, systems management has become the dominant component of IT costs and is growing rapidly Many Servers, Much Capacity, Low Utilization = $140B unutilized server assets https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


40 POWER6 Virtualization Enhancements

Partition Mobility: Active and Inactive LPARs:

41 Partition Mobility: Active and Inactive LPARs Active Partition Mobility Active Partition Migration is the actual movement of a running LPAR from one physical machine to another without disrupting* the operation of the OS and applications running in that LPAR. Applicability Workload consolidation (e.g. many to one) Workload balancing (e.g. move to larger system) Planned CEC outages for maintenance/upgrades Impending CEC outages (e.g. hardware warning received) Inactive Partition Mobility Inactive Partition Migration transfers a partition that is logically ‘powered off’ (not running) from one system to another. Partition Mobility supported on POWER6™ AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1 and Linux


42 Move active Micro-Partitions between systems Reduce the impact of planned outages Relocate workloads to enable growth Provision new technology with no disruption to service Virtualized SAN and Network Infrastructure IBM System p – Partition Mobility https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

What Are Workload Partitions?:

43 Partitioned system capacity Each Workload Partition obtains a regulated share of the processor and memory resources Each Workload Partition has separate network and filesystems and many system services (e.g. telnetd, etc.) Separate Administrative control Each partition is a separate administrative and security domain Shared system resources I/O Devices Processor Operating system Shared Library and Text Workload Partition A AIX 6.1 Image Workload Partition C Workload Partition B Workload Partition D Workload Partition E Separate regions of application space within a single AIX image What Are Workload Partitions? https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

What is AIX Application Mobility?:

44 Workload Partition QA AIX # 2 Workload Partition Data Mining What is AIX Application Mobility? Workload Partition Database Workload Partition Web AIX # 1 Application Partition Dev The ability to move a Workload Partition from one server to another Provides outage avoidance and multi-system workload balancing Workload Partition ERP Policy based automation can provide more efficient resource usage Workload Partition Manager Policy Workload Partition Billing

AIX 6 Workload Partitions can be used in Logical Partitions:

45 AIX 6 Workload Partitions can be used in Logical Partitions LPAR Asia LPAR LPAR EMEA LPAR Americas VIO Server Micro-partition Processor Pool Dedicated Processor LPAR Finance Dedicated Processor LPAR Planning Power Hypervisor WPAR1 WPAR1 WPAR2 WPAR1 WPAR2 WPAR3 https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

What About SUN Containers?:

46 What About SUN Containers? Capability System p AIX SUN Solaris Highest isolation with Logical Partitions + - LPAR available across entire product line + - Live relocation of a LPAR to another system* + - Live relocation of a WPAR / container* + - System WPAR / container* = = Application WPAR / container* + - Single system management of WPAR / container* = = Multi-system management of WPAR / container* + - Policy based relocation of WPAR / container* + - System commands are WPAR / container ready* + - WPAR Resource isolation – memory and processor* = = WPAR Resource isolation – thread, process, paging* + - WPAR Processor regulation based on Fair Share* = = WPAR Processor regulation based on Percentage* + - *Planned https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

When to use Workload Partitions:

47 When to use Workload Partitions Requirement MicroPartitions Workload Partitions Hardware enforced Isolation Minimal number of AIX images Server Consolidation Greatest Flexibility Cross system workload management Move workload between systems https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Consolidations: Virtual Servers or Application Regions? :

48 Consolidations: Virtual Servers or Application Regions? Goal: Consolidation Partition Mobility (Part of APV) Each Application Has Its Own AIX LPAR , Multiple LPARs Per Server Each Application Is In Its Own AIX WPAR , Multiple WPARs Per AIX Fault Isolation Full isolation: OS faults will only impact the specific LPAR Limited isolation: OS faults will bring down all regions, but happen infrequently Security Isolation Complete isolation between OSes – shared nothing Only user space level isolation; kernel level is still exposed OS levels Different OS levels in LPARs possible Has to be the same across all WPARs OS Service/Fix Level OS service fixes can be applied to individual LPAR OS images OS service fixes affect all WPARs, negatively impacting multi application - OS dependency ISV Software Cost ISVs will count only the number of processors in LPAR Many ISVs price based on number of CPUs, they will count all processors in OS image Efficiency Good, but little sharing of OS resources leads to lower efficiency than with region approach Very good, due to extensive sharing of OS resources such as code or text System Admin costs System admin costs don’t go up linearly per OS image as cluster sys mgmt tools lower costs for managing multiple OS images TCO analysis based on number of OS images would favor regions, although in reality system administration costs will shift to per region level Resource Granularity Fine grained Very fine grained Mobility Active LPAR movement in 2007 Requires POWER6 Active WPAR movement in 2007 Requires AIX 5.4 (Can run on P4 and up) Each approach comes with pros and cons, so the choice depends on customer needs and preferences. https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

Integrated Virtual Ethernet - How it Works……:

49 Integrated Virtual Ethernet - How it Works…… LPAR #2 LPAR VIOS LPAR #3 LPAR #1 Power Hypervisor VNET Packet Router Virtual Ethernet Switch Virtual Ethernet Driver Virtual Ethernet Driver Virtual Ethernet Driver LPAR #2 LPAR VIOS LPAR #3 LPAR #1 Power Hyper- visor VNET Packet Router Ethernet Driver Ethernet Driver Ethernet Driver IVE Adapter Port Native Performance Software Transparency AIX and Linux IVE Adapter Port Option 1 Option 2 Or https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


50 https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html


51 Questions? https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html




53 Thank You Merci Grazie Gracias Obrigado Danke Japanese French Russian German Italian Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Arabic Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Hindi Tamil Thai Korean https://www.pass4sureexam.com/C4040-252.html

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