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www.ijellh.com 362 5 WAYS TO IMPROVE ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS G.Lova Krishna Asst.Professor in English Amrita Sai Institute of Science and Technology Paritala Krishna Dt. A.P K.V.N.K.Murthy PGT in English A.P.Model School Vinukonda Andhra Pradesh K. Dasaradhi Research Scholar RTM Nagpur University Nagpur India Abstract English may not be the most spoken language on the planet however it is the official language in a substantial number of nations. It is evaluated that the quantity of individuals on the planet who utilize English to convey all the time is 2 billion English is the overwhelming business language and it has turned out to be right around a need for individuals communicate in English in the event that they are to enter a worldwide workforce. Examine from everywhere throughout the world demonstrates that cross-fringe business communication is frequently led in English. Its significance in the worldwide commercial center hence cant be under-expressed. The four abilities Listening Speaking Reading and Writing are fundamental for every one of the general population living on the earth.

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www.ijellh.com 363 Learning English will truly change ones life. A number of the worlds top movies books and music are distributed and delivered in English. Thus by learning English one will have admittance to an extraordinary abundance of diversion and will have the capacity to have a more noteworthy social comprehension. A large portion of the substance delivered on the web is in English. So knowing English will permit a man to access to a fantastic measure of data which may not be generally accessible. In spite of the fact that learning English can test and tedious we can see that it is likewise extremely significant to learn and can make numerous open doors. Key Words: communication English fluency language learn method skill Language is our essential wellspring of Communication. We impart our thoughts and considerations to others through the technique. A few people even say that language is the thing that isolates us from creatures and makes us human. There are a huge number of languages in this world. Nations have their own national languages notwithstanding an assortment of nearby languages talked and comprehended by various individuals in their districts. A great many individuals others by just a couple of thousand talk a few languages. English was initially the language of England however through the verifiable endeavors of the British Empire it has turned into the essential or optional language of numerous previous British provinces for example the United States Canada Australia and India. As of now English is the essential language of nations effectively touched by the British government as well as numerous organizations and social circles overwhelmed by those nations. It is the language of Hollywood and the language of global managing accounting and business. Accordingly it is a valuable and even important language to know. A few elements make the English language basic to communication in our present time. In the first place it is the most widely recognized outside language. This implies two individuals who originate from various nations ordinarily utilize English as a typical language to impart. That is the reason everybody needs to take in the language with a specific end goal to reach on a worldwide level. Talking it will help a man to speak with individuals from nations everywhere throughout the world not simply an English-talking ones. English is likewise fundamental to the field of instruction. In numerous nations youngsters are instructed and urged to learn English as a second language. Indeed even in nations where it is not an official language for example the Netherlands or Sweden we will

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www.ijellh.com 364 discover numerous syllabi in science and designing are writing in English. Since it is the overwhelming language in the sciences a large portion of the exploration and studies you find in any given logical field will be writing in it too. At the college level understudies in numerous nations concentrate every one of their subjects in English keeping in mind the end goal to make the material more available to universal students. Numerous authors over the world concur that English is the Ruler of Languages. Shri C. Rajagopalachari once writing "English language is the best endowment of Goddess Saraswati to India". The United Nations Organization UNO has given English the status of an official language. It is not simply in light of the fact that it is a standout amongst the most broadly talked languages additionally on the grounds that the utilization of English has made the social and financial trade between individuals of various groups and societies basically conceivable. It is very much perceived that the English-talking people can be followed in every one of the mainlands of the world and is the purpose behind its significance in the obligatory instruction of numerous nations over the globe. It is utilized as a part of open and private workplaces as well as in instructive establishments media games and business. In the event that it were not in English we would not have seen Indias heading substantial corporate or involving key positions in associations over the globe. India is a nation with differing locales and individuals with different language are its residents. Individuals are so connected and actually along these lines with their neighbourhood language that they in some cases wind up regarding individuals talking different language as outsiders or outsiders. As India was a British Colony English turned into an official language of India for all conciliatory and authoritative accommodations and consequently came to be broadly utilized as a part of both talked and scholarly settings. In any case the reason that English remained an official language after 1947 is credited to the way that as a language it assumed a vital part in binding together areas with various individuals under one banner and constitution. Consequently English could be appropriately named as the Lingua Franca of India. In a nation where the Individual primary languages number a few hundred and where more than 30 language are talking with more than a million local speakers English is one regular language that is utilized by individuals from various foundations in India as a worthy vehicular language with abnormal amounts of reception over decades.

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www.ijellh.com 365 Generally since the first experience with India English as a language has assumed an imperative part in media and training. An extensive number of books are distributed in English in India. India is the third biggest English book delivering nation after the United States and the U.K. Mahatma Gandhi said "English is a language of universal trade it is the language of strategy and it contains numerous a rich scholarly fortune it gives us a prologue to western thought and culture." English is the main language in the Indian instruction framework today. All the prestigious schoolscolleges and universities utilize English as their medium of direction. Today vocations in the field of science and technology business and trade require a decent learning of English. A large portion of the works in the field of space atomic technology solution and so on are accessible just in English. The vocabulary and phrasing utilized as a part of these are accessible in English. In this way English has turned into an identification for landing a decent position in India as well as abroad in all fields. With the developmental significance of PCs in each field the English language has gotten a further help. The Radhakrishna University Education Commission suggested that "English is a language which is rich in writing humanistic logical and specialized. In the event that under nostalgic urges we surrender English we would cut ourselves off from the living stream of constantly developing information." Strangely aside from the tutoring and sorted out instruction frameworks common in India the aggressive examination situation likewise mirrors the significance of English. The vast majority of the general tests both the admissions-tests and the job-related tests have a total segment on English language They are intended to test the hopefuls energy of expression style in English cognitive aptitudes sound vocabulary and right utilization of language English constitutes a noteworthy segment of every single aggressive examination. English has taken profound roots in India. It is no more a common English talked in England or in the United States yet has gained an Indian character. Indians have accomplished an awesome capability in it and have Indianised it. Such development is not restricted to the urban populace base but rather it is going on over the semi-urban and provincial India also. Because of this capability the mass of English-speaking Indians that are versed not simply etymologically but rather know about assorted businesses is expanding subsequently exciting nearness of numerous MNCs particularly the BPOs/KPOs

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www.ijellh.com 366 to set up their base in India. In response a few words from Indian languages have formally been added to the English lexicons throughout the years English is a global language It is the window to the world. It has turned into an unquestionable requirement have to stay in contact with the outside world. It is a language of chance. With the approach of Telecommunication Industry and the Information Technology Enabled Services ITeS Industry alongside the greatest part the Indians have played in the advancement of PCs and programming industry all inclusive the open doors are in abundance for the English speaking Indians. F.G. French watches that it is just through this language that we have "refined substance of present day information in all fields of human movement. Any individual who can read English can stay in contact with the world without going out." The word communication in English is making a charm in nowadays. It has the ability to make the entire world rotate around it. It is vital to all exercises. Everyone has understood the significance of communication and in this manner they need to be a superior communicator. It has left no field untouched: be it a medicinal or engineering Arts or Law or even Sports or Music. In trade or Business it has gotten to be vital. In scholastics in the event that one overlooks English and communication he or she will actually destroy. It wont be an embellishment to state that it will be hard to get by without communication. 5 Easy Steps to enhance LSRW Skills: 1. Talk in English consistently: The perfect approach to take in any new language is just to talk it. It doesnt make a difference on the off chance that you just know a few English words or in case youre for all intents and purposes familiar - communicating in English with someone else is the speediest best technique for making strides. Dont hold up until you "feel more great" talking in English - you presumably wont achieve that level for quite a while so inspire yourself outside of your usual range of familiarity and begin communicating in English today. Youll be astounded at how rapidly your language abilities progress. Find a local English speaker who will invest some energy communicating in English with you - you might have the capacity to offer them a language where they burn through 30 minutes communicating in English with you and you burn through 30 minutes talking your local language with them.

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www.ijellh.com 367 If you live in an English-talking nation you can hone by beginning straightforward discussions with the general population you meet whether its idiom "hi" to a business person or approaching an outsider for bearings. 2.Work on your pronunciation Regardless of the possibility that you have an adequate handle of the English language with great sentence structure and a broad vocabulary local English speakers may discover you extremely hard to comprehend in the event that you dont chip away at your articulation. Correct clear articulation is basic on the off chance that you truly need to enhance your level of English. Listen nearly to how local English speakers declare certain words and sounds and do your best to duplicate them. Pay specific thoughtfulness regarding any sounds that you are new to or that dont exist in your local tongue. For instance a few people experience issues maintaining the "r" sound as it doesnt exist in their local language while other individuals experience issues with certain consonant groups for example the "th" sound. Be mindful that the elocution of certain English words differs extraordinarily relying upon the part of the world it is talked in. For instance American English is altogether different from British English. On the off chance that you expect to go to or live in an English-talking nation this is something you ought to consider when figuring out how to purport certain words. 3.Expand your vocabulary and utilize colloquial expressions: The more extensive your vocabulary and the more English expressions you take in the less demanding communicating in English will get to be. Again investing energy with local English speakers will help you to get on regular vocabulary and expressions normally. In spite of the fact that perusing watching English TV and listening to the news is likewise useful. Once you have taken in another word or expression you ought to endeavor to utilize it in a sentence - this is the ideal approach to submit it to memory. Another simple approach to submit new words to memory is to make names for ordinary family things and stick them around your home or flat. At that point each time you utilize the pot or look in the reflect you will see the English word for these things gazing back at you. You ought to likewise begin a scratch pad of informal expressions that English speakers utilize constantly. A few cases incorporate "its falling down in buckets" raining intensely

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www.ijellh.com 368 to be "joyous beyond words" to be exceptionally glad or saying something is a "bit of cake" when something is simple. Sprinkling these sorts of expressions into your discussion will bring your level of English up a few indents. 4.Attend an English class conference or discussion group: Another great way to incorporate some extra English conversation into your weekly routine is to sign up for a class of discussion group. Attending an English class is a great way to focus on some of the more formal aspects of speaking English. A class will teach you the grammatically correct way of speaking -- which includes proper sentence structure and verb conjugation and will generally provide a very structured approach to language learning. Attending a discussion group is a more informal and relaxed way of learning English where the emphasis is more on communication and relationship building than on speaking "correct" English. Speaking English in this setting can help you to become more comfortable with speaking in front of other people. Both of these language-learning settings have their pros and cons so its best to do both if you can 5.Carry a Dictionary: Carrying an English dictionary with you at all times whether it is an actual book or a phone app can be very useful. Having a dictionary means that you will never be stuck for a word. It can save you a lot of embarrassment if you are having a conversation with an English-speaker and forget a word in the middle of the sentence -- all you have to do is take a second to look it up Aside from saving you awkwardness looking up the word you need then immediately using it in a sentence will actually help you to commit the new vocabulary to memory. It is also helpful to have a dictionary to peruse throughout the day during private moments like when you are sitting on the train waiting to cross the street or just having a cup of coffee. You could learn an extra 20 to 30 English words per day using this technique As a beginner you should start with an English dictionary that provides definitions in your native language. However once your language skills improve you should switch to using an English-English dictionary which provides English definitions for English words. Conclusion With the help of above mentioned strategies one may improve and improvise their LSRW Skills to any desirable extend that the overall communication skill of a person will be

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www.ijellh.com 369 enhanced and enriched. Importance of English language learning has been the need of the hour these days in India and other non native speaking countries which is where there lies an importance of guiding the students on the language focusing on LSRW method of learning a language. Language is the main route by which we can express our feelings considerations wants thoughts emotions and so forth. English is that language which is talked by many individuals. English is an International language. At whatever point we need to recognize what is going on the opposite side of the world we get the news in English as it were. The writing the world over was composed in numerous languages and can be comprehended by those individuals just however in the event that it is converted into English without exasperating its appeal many individuals 90 nations can appreciate the kind of writing. English has changed its structures commonly before it was early English then center English than early English and now cutting edge English. Presently a-days English is being utilized as an official language and now it involved the entire world and turned into a worldwide language. So it is vital to know the English language. With the assistance of the previously mentioned systems one may enhance and ad lib their LSRW Skills to any alluring broaden that the general correspondence ability of a man will be upgraded and improved. Significance of English language learning has been the need of great importance nowadays in India and other non local talking nations which is the place there falsehoods a significance of managing the understudies on the language concentrating on LSRW technique for taking in a language.

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www.ijellh.com 370 References: 1. BrumfitC.J. Communicative methodology in Language Teaching: The roles of Fluency and Accuracy. Cambridge University Press 1984 print. 2. Brown H.D. Principles of Language Learning and Teaching The USA: Prentice Hall Regents 1994 print. 3. Flynn K. M. Hill J. D. Classroom instruction that works with English language learners. Alexandria 2006 print. 4. Graddol D 2000. The Future of English A guide to forecasting the popularity of the English Language in the 21st Century The British Council 2000 print. 5. Gavin Dudeny and Nicky Hockly How to teach English with Technology Pearson – Longman London 2008 print.

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