MONTELUCE: Discover a New Place

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The real Monteluce is situated at South West Sicily, Italy. It is within driving distance of Noto. Halfway between Siracusa and Ragusa Theme: winery Meaning: “light on a mountain” Storyboard: Monteluce

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Quinto Oreta The President of Major Properties Inc.

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Emil Perez Jr. The President of Landenmore Properties Inc. EVP & Chief Operating Officer of Major Properties Inc.

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The Master Planner Our Partners: Landscape Architect Property Manager The Ad Agency Building Architect Model Unit Architects

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In the Philippines: Monteluce is situated between Kilometer 46 & Kilometer 47, Barangay Lalaan 1st, Silang Cavite. A 10 hectare project wherein people will witness the world is within reach. Witness a different lifestyle and living.

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The P15 Billion Worth Project

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Monteluce A Captivating Experience

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The Main Entrance

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Luxurious Living

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Witness the difference

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A World in one place

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A Promising Lifestyle

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Highlights: Observation Tower – 360degree view Man-made beach with white sands Man-made lagoon Dancing Fountain interplaying with laser lights Tennis Court Basketball Court Fitness Gym Spa & Wellness Center Events Place / Party Venues 120meter The Grove, Los Angeles walkway 4 Championship Golf Courses nearby

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120meter Walkway

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The Future Is Unbeatable

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A Captivating Experience

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Introducing our Mondavi Buildings

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Mondavi Without Breezeway

Slide 24: 

Mondavi With Breezeway

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Interconnected Mondavi Buildings

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Floor Plans of Mondavi units

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Ground floor

Slide 30: 

2nd Floor

Slide 31: 

3rd Floor Lower

Slide 32: 

3rd Floor Loft

Slide 33: 

5th Floor Lower

Slide 34: 

5th Floor Loft

Slide 35: 

6th Floor Lower

Slide 36: 

6th Floor Loft

Slide 37: 

7th Floor Lower

Slide 38: 

7th Floor Loft

Slide 39: 

8th Floor Lower

Slide 40: 

8th Floor Loft

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Stylish Mondavi Units Furnished

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One Bedroom 30sqm

Slide 43: 

TwoBedroom Unit 42sqm

Slide 44: 

Three Bedroom 60sqm

Slide 45: 

Two Bedroom Loft Extended

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Absolute Convenience And Upscale Lifestyle

Slide 47: 

One Bedroom Flat

Slide 48: 

1BR Flat

Slide 49: 

2BR Living and Dining

Slide 50: 

Master’s Bedroom

Slide 51: 

3BR Loft Living & Dining

Slide 52: 

3BR Loft Master’s Bedroom

Slide 53: 

3BR Loft - Regular Rooms

Slide 54: 

2BR Living Room - Combined

Slide 55: 

2BR Bedroom - Combined

Slide 56: 

2BR Living Room - Combined

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Be Mesmerized Czarina Shiela T. Antonio Sales Executive Major Properties Inc. & Landenmore Properties Inc. We are giving you the best of its kind