AC Led Circuit Diagram | led lighting circuits 220v ac/230v ac

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AC Led Circuit Diagram

slide 2: AC Led Circuit Diagram

slide 3: AC Led Circuit Diagram The circuit given here uses a super-bright white Light Emitting Diode works on 230V AC with minimal power consumption. It can be easily assembled on a general purpose PCB. It can be used as garden lights indoor lights panel lights etc. Good quality Super-bright LEDs available in the market costs about `7 to `10.

slide 4: AC Led Circuit Diagram These LEDs emit a 1000-12000 mCd bright white light like welding arc and works on 3 volts. The forward current of each LED may vary from 20mA to 120mA. Their maximum voltage is 3.6 volts. Anti-static precautions should be taken while handling these LEDs. In this circuit I have used 40 numbers of 8mm straw hat LED with a forward current of 120mA.

slide 5: AC Led Circuit Diagram The LEDs in water-clear plastic package emit spotlight while diffused type LEDs have a wide-angle radiation pattern. This circuit employs capacitive reactance for limiting the current flow through the LEDs on application of mains voltage to the circuit. If we use only a series resistor for limiting the current with mains operation the limiting resistor itself will dissipate around 2 to 3 watts of power whereas no power is dissipated on using a capacitor.

slide 6: AC Led Circuit Diagram The 2W series resistor at the input avoids heavy ‘inrush’ current during transients. MOV at the input prevents sudden surges or spikes protecting the circuit. The 390- kilo-ohm ½-watt resistor acts as a bleeder to provide discharge path for capacitor C1 when mains supply is disconnected.

slide 7: AC Led Circuit Diagram Filter capacitor C2 across the output provides flicker free light. The circuit can be enclosed in a LED panel case as shown below and can be connected directly to 230VAC through a wire. A series combination of 40 LEDs gives a luminance lux equivalent of a 40W bulb. For component details and calculation please click here How to calculate the value of I the current flowing through the LED Click here circuit-diagram-led-lighting-circuits-220v-ac230v-ac/