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Kiss The Groom The word “photography” created from the Greek roots means “drawing with lights”. Starting with the black and white photographs color came into the era. Now-a-days photography being a passion has become a source of earning for people. Besides personal choice people has started considering photography as professional agenda. Clicking pictures of weddings and other special occasions with time patience and creativity will help people relish and cherish the memories the entire life. Apart from any other occasions a wedding day is one of the beautiful and biggest day for any couple which they cherish throughout their lifetime. Each moment is special those are spent with full excitement happiness and affection. This is where the professional photographers show their skills and captures the best possible pictures and frame the memories forever so that the couples and the entire family can enjoy them ever after. They showcase the joyous moments the moments those are rarely seen the moments which are funny and at the same time the moments those are romantic. The venue is another most important part of the wedding. A well decorated venue is considered to be the prime spot for a photographer to capture the pictures of that wedding. Lisa Rasmussen the owner and the photographer of Kiss The Groom Photography based in Gold Coast Hinterland is in love with her job and is totally drawn by its artistic alchemy. The moments of a wedding the emotions everything is way too beautiful and Lisa loves to capture them. The wedding photography Gold Coast becomes truly appreciable when the camera is in the hand of Lisa. Contact Lisa at and book an appointment