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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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NO RECOVERY NO FEES/NO COST Motorcyclists can be well- aware of the dangers that exist on the road from careless drivers of trucks and automobiles to unsafe roads and unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore most motorcyclists drive with extra awareness and caution. Even still accidents happen.

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Let One Of San Diego’s Most Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Help You Recover. With 20 plus years of experience representing motorcycle accident victims in San Diego King Aminpour Motorcycle Accident Lawyer knows how to navigate the rules and laws in California that can benefit you during and after your recovery. We’ve helped our clients in San Diego recover from motorcycle accidents of all types and severity.

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California’s helmet law When motorcyclists are in violation of California’s helmet law they can be subject to a range of penalties from a 10 fine and “proof of correction” up to a 250.00 fine and one year’s probation. Fortunately California’s universal Helmet Law has reduced the risks that motorcyclists and passengers face.

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Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In San Diego King Aminpour Motorcycle accident Lawyers have been helping injured riders and their families since 1996. After helping over 10000 accident victims recover the attorneys at King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer are extremely experienced in all types of motorcycle accidents.

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Contact us 402 W. Broadway Suite 400 San Diego CA 92101 USA Call us +1 619-333-2544