Vegetarian Diet Chart For Weight Loss In 7

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Plan your vegetarian Diet for the weekly routine is the best way to lose weight, and to boost the health. Get Tips to weight loss.


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Vegetarian Diet Chart For Weight Loss In 7 Days:

Vegetarian Diet Chart For Weight Loss In 7 Days

Vegetarian Diet Chart :

Vegetarian Diet Chart Days Sunday Breakfast Protein smoothie plus protein pancakes Calories: 210 Lunch Green salad with spiced chick pea nuts Calories: 362 Snack Black bean soup Calories: 130 Dinner Bean and veggie tacos Calories: 184 Total Calories for the day : 886


Days Monday Breakfast Protein smoothie with egg Calories: 247 Lunch Bean burritos Calories: 456 Snack Apple with one table spoon peanut butter Calories: 300 Dinner Salad and pizza Calories: 230 Total Calories for the day : 1,233


Days Tuesday Breakfast Protein smoothie with tofu scramble Calories: 177 Lunch Tomato cheddar cheese toast Calories: 386 Snack Home made trail mix Calories: 160 Dinner Vegetarian chili Calories: 190 Total Calories for the day : 913


Days Wednesday Breakfast Protein smoothie with oat meal Calories: 293 Lunch Garden Omelet Calories: 352 Snack Greek yogurt light Calories: 100 Dinner Pita pizzas with balsamic Calories: 140 Total Calories for the day : 885


Days Thursday Breakfast Protein smoothie with Greek yogurt parfait Calories: 334 Lunch Veggie burger and quinoa chick pea salad Calories: 190 Snack Dark Chocolate trail mix Calories: 313 Dinner Baked Asian tofu Calories: 90 Total Calories for the day : 927


Days Friday Breakfast Protein smoothie with avocado toast Calories: 186 Lunch Baked potato topped with vegetarian chill Calories: 150 Snack 1 cheese stick with an orange Calories: 147 Dinner Veggie burger Calories: 320 Total Calories for the day : 803


Days Saturday Breakfast Protein smoothie with Craig Mc Muffin Calories: 190 Lunch Veggie Power salad Calories: 154 Snack Greek yogurt with one sun flower seed Calories: 110 Dinner Portabella pizzas and soup Calories: 100 Total Calories for the day : 554

Get Weight Loss Tips:

Get Weight Loss Tips

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