5 tips to pick the best schools in Gurgaon

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5 tips to pick the best schools in Gurgaon :

THE HDFC SCHOOL 5 tips to pick the best schools in Gurgaon


Your child is one of the biggest responsibilities in your life. You want to choose the best for them in every walk of life. And therefore, choosing the best school would help them shape up their career and achieve success. In today's time, where every odd school claims to be the best for your children, it’s quite difficult to pick a random one to send your kids. You would need to devote your valuable time and energy to research about some of the good schools in Gurgaon . Once you pick the schools a visit is a must to experience their amenities, infrastructure, learning style, vision and values, security aspects and most importantly whether your child enjoys those few minutes and willing to stepping into the school for forthcoming years.


In the prior days, you practically had to take leave from your offices to visit schools and understand each and every aspect. Fortunately, these days there is internet by your side, to help you compare schools and also educate yourself about the various options offered by them. You can check the principal profile, vision and mission, faculty experience, extra-curricular activities, security measures, playground and socio-cultural activities being conducted, etc. with just a few clicks online! There are parents reviews as well that will help you build an opinion for a particular school you would like to shortlist for your child. Although, every school operates with its own morals and merits, however, most schools in Gurgaon usually intends to deliver great quality of education and focus on the holistic development of your child.


To help you pick to some of the best schools in Gurgaon, you can consider a few tips as follows: Quality of education Most schools in Gurgaon will appoint well-qualified teaching staff based on their academics and experience. They will ensure that the faculty loves their job, which proves a boon when it comes to imparting knowledge with patience and practice. Whether they choose a teacher for music or mathematics, he or she should be passionate about the subject. They should adopt new cheerful skills to impart the studies with ease to your children. The overall attitude of the teachers with students, their parents will matter a lot. And how they would handle children at times of any crises?


The approach of the school Usually, there are two forms of schools in India, one who believes in giving mere numbers to parents and others would believe in 'learn and play' mode. It means along with studies they ensure the student has sufficient time to play, listen to music, dance, and also focus on other cultural activities. They would conduct extra-curricular activities, teacher-parents meet, take students to the exhibition, seminars to shape up the overall personality and give a holistic development of your child. Instead of mugging up lessons let the children nurture their skills and spark the curiosity that would let them gain knowledge on their own as well as get a competitive edge on sports, culture and social front.


Importance of sports & physical stamina   Although, gain the right knowledge and achieve success in the overall studies is important, however, schools should also focus on giving enough time for students to play the sport of their likes. Its beneficial for children, to develop leadership skills, be a team player and strive the hunger for winning goals. There should be proper infrastructure and playground to bring out the hidden physical ability and stamina to excel in sports. There, most private schools in Gurgaon invest in sports infrastructure and hire qualified coaching as well for indoor and outdoor games.


Security Aspects It goes without saying that the growing number of incidences in India surely raises the question of tight security of your loved ones in schools. Before enrolling to any schools in Gurgaon , you should ensure they follow best security practices - experience guard, staff and proper surveillance in the area. They should have proper first aid facilities as well. Thankfully, most schools in Gurgaon are practicing this with the installation of the camera, give thorough training to teachers to handle any tricky situation, perform mock drills, fire drills, or combat any other casualties. Some private schools even device plans for such crises time. They educate students, staff, and parents on how to deal with such crises situation with patience and ease.


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