Public School Or A Private School! Which One Is Better For Your Child

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Public School Or A Private School! Which One Is Better For Your Child? :

Public School Or A Private School! Which One Is Better For Your Child?


It is time to put aside the confusion and pick the best kind of school for your child because they deserve ! Every parent wished to provide a quality of education to their child and hence it is crucial to choose an ideal school for the better prospects. Your child deserves the best of the best schools that focus not only following an academic curriculum but to nurture and promote overall development in your child. Fortunately , you have some of the best private and public school in Gurgaon that takes great effort to provide quality education. Whether private education institute or known a public school, it is wise to choose the bright option for your child. .


All schools intent to educate your child, but both kinds of education institutes follows a different approach to attain the goals. A public school in Gurgaon would provide basic education accessible for everyone and while the cost of education is quite affordable. Many private schools would likely to have a student-centric approach to ensure the overall growth of your child. Following are some of the pointers that would help you figure out which type of school is ideal for your child.


Let’s talk about Student-centric approach ! It is good that the public school in Gurgaon made it feasible for everyone to attain education for every child, but with one side effect. It is easy to notice that most of such public schools have classroom flooded with an excessive number of students. This can be deteriorating for your child, as teachers couldn’t focus on every child, eventually be unable to answer every student’s query. Private cbse school would keep their number of students in class very concise, making teachers more easily to focus on every student.


Approach to curriculum: Whether state board or CBSC, a public school in Gurgaon would complete the syllabus and prepare the students well for the exams. In an ideal sense, a student should be curious to gain more knowledge than just completing syllabus, which wouldn’t boost growth in your child. Private schools are more likely to follow a practical-based education approach that keeps your child interested and invested in their academic years.


Facilities and amenities : It is also important that the school you choose should have all the basic facilities and amenities your child. While public school in Gurgaon provides basic necessities like playing ground, computer lab, science laboratory, library etc. Besides providing all the above basic provisions, many private schools would provide basic amenities like swimming pool, sport set up for most indoor and outdoor games, counseling sessions and social gatherings. It is seen that most of the private schools lay more emphasis on extracurricular activities and provide special facilities if needed.


Quality of teachers & school management: Both are crucial to inspect, as inadequately qualified teachers are unbeneficial for your kids. And an inefficient school management can be a task itself to deal with. There is a dire possibility that a public school in Gurgaon would hire a less-qualified teacher to save management costs, which is frustrating for a parent. Delayed processing, indiscipline in management hierarchy and the possibility of corruption are some of the most commonly noticed problems in public schools. Private schools are more likely to offer to have better transparency in management and good terms of communication with parents.


Private schools have tough eligibility criteria for teachers, so that hired tutor will be well-qualified for the post . Although not every public school in Gurgaon are bad, it is wise to evaluate whichever school you choose for your child on the above points.   For more – Visit Us Good luck and all the best!


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