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The Jazz Age:

The Jazz Age Kevin M.

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“To me the Jazz Age signifies an age of freedom in thought and action. The average young person of today is not bound by the strict conventions which governed the actions of previous generations.” -Unidentified Denver Coed, Sunset Magazine , 1926

Flappers-The New Women:

Flappers-The New Women In the book Flaming Youth , readers were introduced to a whole new breed of women: short skirts loose clothing that flapped in the wind shorter hair new attitude

Music and Dance:

Music and Dance In the 1910s, musical theater provided Americans with many of their most popular songs The 1920’s made Hollywood 100 million people a week went to the movies


Finances In New York the Jazz Age was a time where hardly anybody worried about money. Parties were more common.

Effect of African Americans:

Effect of African Americans With growing industrialization African-Americans and New-Orleans-musicians moved from the south to big cities. With them came a new Chicago-Style. Lots of Chicago musicians moved to New York.

The Crazies:

The Crazies The crazies were around during the jazz age They did things like Sitting on top of a flag pole for as long as possible Marathon dances that went on until everybody had dropped Wing flying when you stood strapped onto the wing of a flying plane until it landed.

The Spread of Jazz:

The Spread of Jazz Radios spread Jazz across America. Lots of clubs, or speakeasies featured jazz band’s songs. This made the musicians well known. The older generation despised Jazz because they felt it brought bad influence.


Movies Hollywood was made in the 1920s. Each week 100 million people went to the movies. The first " talkie”(movie with audio) was "The Jazz Singer”


Summary The 1920s was a decade of change. With it came new music, new people, and a new way of life. It started different trends like the crazies and flappers.


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