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Audience Research – Results and Conclusions:

Audience Research – Results and Conclusions


Age Here are the results of people that under went the written questionnaire, as you can see there is a much larger amount of 16 year old candidates and so the results are biased. Not only are they biased there is also a large chunk of age I left out, e.g. People in there 20’s, so my results aren’t as accurate as I had hoped.


Gender Female: 12 Male: 5 This shows my results in terms of gender are also biased, as I am generally getting the female opinion of Rock/Alternative Rock magazines and the target audience is generally men.

Favourite bands:

Favourite bands Emili Sandē You Me at Six (2 answers) Animals as Leaders District 3 Kanye West The Wanted Darkest hour One Direction Disturbed Lana Del Rey Lawson Paramore Young guns Fleetwood Mac Robbie Williams Avenged Sevenfold The answers that are highlighted in red are the people who’s answers I should take into most consideration as their favourite band is from the genre rock. The purple answers are artists that are considered alternative, so their opinions are also more useful. These are also bands I could use for stories inside my magazine, e.g. You Me At Six, because they’re the most popular.


Genres I found the most popular genre is rock, pop and metal. Which means I could interpret some pop-rock artists into my magazine to attract a larger audience.

Bands from genre Rock/Alternative Rock:

Bands from genre Rock/Alternative Rock I found the most popular artists are; Paramore, Linkin’ Park and Avenged Sevenfold.

Favourite colours:

Favourite colours I found the most popular colour is purple, so I could use this in my colour scheme.

Colours associated with genre:

Colours associated with genre I found the most popular colours are red, black, grey and white. I will choose 3 of these 4 for my colour scheme.


Price I found the most popular price was £2.00-£2.50, so I the price of my magazine shall be within this price range.


Images I asked this question for ideas in terms of imagery for my magazine and received answers that are very useful, most people (6) answered saying they would relate instruments with a rock/alternative rock magazine. The most popular instrument that people said was a guitar. A lot of people associated the main image to be of a band, usually a male and with long hair. The explanation the interviewees delivered about why they made these points was mainly because they found it typical of the ‘Rock’ stereotype. Also because instruments like guitars and drums are used in Rock songs.


Publication From my results I found that most people buy a magazine monthly and so I my magazine will be published monthly.

Audience Research – Ideas to include :

Audience Research – Ideas to include Band interviews, new bands, band images Posters Gig guides Free items inside

Audience Research - not to include :

Audience Research - not to include Adverts Boring articles Fan letters/quizzes/competitions


Puffs No: 5 Yes: 12 I will include a puff as a larger majority of people answered yes.

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