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Grammar in Context:

Grammar in Context The “sweet spot” of grammar instruction Katie Norwood, January 2012


1963 49 years later…

PowerPoint Presentation:

Can you relate? I correct all the errors on their papers, but they don’t even look at my corrections. Kids make the same mistakes over and over. Worksheets are easy to plan and teach even though I have a feeling they don’t work. Doesn’t all this test prep just show kids bad examples?

Jeff Anderson:

Jeff Anderson http:// www.stenhouse.com/assets/pdfs/andersonarticle.pdf

Anderson’s Philosophy:

Anderson’s Philosophy Why do we spend so much time mentoring writers with WEAK writing? Everyday at noon , Mr. dawkins eat his lunch while he is reading its paper ( with chopsticks ) ? . his eats D

Anderson’s Philosophy:

Anderson’s Philosophy

Anderson’s Philosophy:

Anderson’s Philosophy Merged best research on grammar ( Noden ; Strong; Weaver) with best of workshop (Atwell, Romano, Ray)

What story are you telling?:

What story are you telling? Grammar is about FIXING Grammar is about CREATING

Anderson’s Philosophy:

Anderson’s Philosophy Don’t interrupt Make meaning If it won’t help, don’t teach it

Flip It!:

Flip It! Rule multitude of incorrect sentences (death by worksheet) A few correct sentences Rule

Stop Labeling!:

Stop Labeling! “I stood in front of the door, staring at the splinters fanning out at the bottom of the door, listening to all the voices of my new classmates .” Hmmm…Good use of participial phrases, or just good writing?!


Zoom! 1. Zoom In 2. Play 3. Zoom Out

Zoom In:

Zoom In One thing at a time Accessible Commas in a list All Comma Rules

Use The Smallest Unit of Meaning:

Use The Smallest Unit of Meaning Apostrophes: Javier’s Pen Chris’s Backpack Word Sentence Paragraph Commas: “When you look up ‘hilarious’ in the dictionary, there’s a picture of you .” Verb Tense: “I hate my father. I hate school. I hate being fat.”

Visual Scaffolds:

Visual Scaffolds Opener, sentence. Rule scaffold Student Examples (Found or Created)


Play Experiment Imitate

Zoom Out:

Zoom Out See the pattern Apply what you know

An Example:

An Example Student says: “ Shayla talk so loud!” #1: You notice students are making mistakes or need instruction .

Top 20 Student Errors:

Top 20 Student Errors Missing comma after an introductory element Vague pronoun reference Missing comma in a compound sentence Wrong word Missing comma(s) after a nonrestrictive element Wrong or missing verb ending Wrong or missing preposition Comma splice Missing or misplaced possessive apostrophe Unnecessary shift in tense Unnecessary shift in pronoun Sentence fragment Wrong tense or verb form Lack of agreement between subject and verb Missing comma in a series Lack of agreement between pronoun and antecedent Unnecessary comma(s) with a restrictive element Fused sentence Dangling or misplaced modifier Its/it's confusion Connors & Lunsford, 1998

An Example:

An Example “I hate my father. I hate school. I hate being fat.” [from The Cat Ate My Gymsuit ] #2: Search for great sentence models.

An Example:

An Example #3: Notice “I hate my father. I hate school. I hate being fat.”

An Example:

An Example #3: Chart

An Example:

An Example #4: Patterns & Rules

An Example:

#5: Apply to reading An Example Independent reading hunt & assignment * Talk, sense-make, visuals*

An Example:

An Example #6: Apply to writing Go to your piece Edit Confer Problem Solve

An Example:

An Example Where does test prep fit in?

Express Lane Editing:

Other Ideas from Anderson Express Lane Editing Imitating Using Songs http:// www.writeguy.net/for-teachers

Go to our team discussion on Navigation and discuss::

Let’s Discuss Go to our team discussion on Navigation and discuss: What are your struggles with teaching grammar? How might Anderson’s methods work in your classroom? What do you commit to trying?