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Introduction 2017 KarloCompare United Bank Limited commenced operations on November 7th, 1959 in Pakistan UBL was one of the first Pakistani banks to open its international branches in London, United Kingdom. UBL has a strong track record in Pakistan with an asset base of over PKR 1 trillion built over a 50 year period. The bank has a widespread footprint with 1,281 domestic branches, 22 Islamic branches, and 18 international branches . UBL Platinum Credit Card is for the high net worth segment of Pakistan. The card has numerous features that compliment the lifestyle for those who enjoy traveling, fitness and discounts . To be eligible for the UBL Platinum Credit Card one should earn a bare minimum of  PKR 100,000/- per month as a salaried individual at a reputable company,  or if you are a self-employed, business person or professional you need to be earning PKR 250,000/- per month.


Features – Loyalty Program 2017 KarloCompare Previously UBL Platinum offered its cardholders reward points, however, UBL converted the reward points to air miles. For every PKR 50 spent on the card, a cardholder accumulates air miles that they can redeem against the purchase of airfare. In order to redeem the air miles, the cardholder must pay for the air ticket on their credit card. Once the air far has been paid, the cardholder must call the contact center on 111-825-888 to inform them of the purchase and request a reversal of the amount equivalent to the points one has accumulated. Just so that you know each point is equivalent to Rs . 0.03.


Features – Airport Lounges 2017 KarloCompare UBL Platinum Credit card holders are offered complimentary access to CIP airport lounges locally . For international lounge access, you are given a Priority Pass. As a UBL Platinum card holder, you get a complimentary Standard Priority Pass card. Priority Pass on its own would have cost a customer USD 99 if they had opted to subscribe to it directly from Priority Pass, being a Platinum card holder helps you save the USD 99 that you would have had to pay if one wanted access to international lounges. Moreover , the Standard Priority Pass does not offer any complimentary visits to international airport lounges, the card holder is charged USD 35 per person for each visit to an International Lounge on using the Priority Pass.


Features – Access To Shapes Health Club 2017 KarloCompare UBL Platinum provides its card holders complimentary access to Shapes Health Clubs in Karachi, Lahore, and Multan. Cardholders are entitled to 8 complimentary visits in a month, this is combined for both the primary cardholders and supplementary cardholders . However , if your combined monthly spending is over PKR 50,000 a month, you are given additional 8 complimentary visits. If not you are charged PKR 1,200 plus GST from the 9 th  visit on wards. This is a great feature on this card since it gets a cardholder access to a state of the art fitness facility in Karachi, Lahore and Multan.


Features – Offers 2017 KarloCompare Discounts:  UBL Platinum Credit card offers privileged pricing at 55 leading local merchants nationwide, and Worldwide discounts offered by VISA international at hotels, golf clubs etc . Salient Offers:  Free Valet parking in Karachi, at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Dolmen Mall Hyderi , Dolmen Mall Tariq Road, Ocean Mall, Avari Hotel and at Chunky Monkey. In Lahore at Fortress Square Mall and in Islamabad at Shifa International Hospital .


Features – Fees 2017 KarloCompare The UBL Platinum Credit Card has an annual fee of PKR 6,000 which can be waived off upon spending PKR 300,000 within 6 months of the fee being applied. UBL Platinum Credit Card carries annual percentage rate of 39.99% which will be broken into 3.33% per month.


Thank You Sumair Farooqui | Co-founder & CEO Mobile : + 92 333 231 9473 Email: [email protected] Ali Ladhubhai | Co-founder & COO Mobile : +92 321 210 6195 Email: [email protected]

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