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Our English 1 class discusses the goals for their English Writing Course.


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Self Assessment and Goal Setting:

Self Assessment and Goal Setting For English 1 Writing and Grammar

Partner Work – How Do I Learn? (1):

Get in groups of 2 Read the ISLPR Write down your score for Reading Writing Listening S peaking Discuss the questions on page 1 (7 of . pdf ) Partner Work – How Do I Learn? (1)

Partner Work – How Do I Learn? (2):

Partner Work – How Do I Learn? (2) Be ready to explain about your partners goals in class. My partner rates himself as ___in listening ___in Speaking ___ in Reading ___in writing. He feels he needs to improve…

Goal setting: Good goals must be…:

Written Challenging * Believable Specific Measurable Have a deadline * Be realistic Goal setting: Good goals must be… * Not 100% necessary. It depends on the goal.

Goals for this class:

1) Brainstorm about what you want 2) Compare your desires with the goals of this class Our class goal is to prepare you to write well for business for academia for scientific journals Goals for this class

Homework: Goal Setting Worksheet:

Download the worksheet Fill in the goal setting questions. Keep it S hort Realistic Related to class Upload it to your homework page Homework: Goal Setting Worksheet

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