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Mobile Social Gamification & Gamification Y Kabir Ahmad Market Research & Consultancy

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Expert Areas: Digital Gaming Gamification Gambling 3G/4G Business Modeling OTT Social Application Mobile Social TV Wearable Markets Digital Currency CIVIC Economy Professional Attachment: Directing Analyst at (Heading Gaming Division) Steering Committee Member at

Problem vs. Opportunity … :

Problem vs. Opportunity … © Farnam Street & widely used by Warren Buffett Gaming: Define Environment Gamification : Define Sustainable Engagement

Social Gamer …:

Social Gamer … 1.25 bln Social Gamer by 2018 54% are Female 46% on Mobile (725 mln) 35% CAGR on Mobile Platform © Mind Commerce © Mashable

Connected Smartphone …:

Connected Smartphone … © Facebook & IDC

A Game Decade …:

A Game Decade … © Trym Stene Gamification

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$3.6 bln Market Spending by 2017 80% Global 2000 Organisation 70% Enterprise Process Mobile Gamification 90% 35% Gaming VC deal in 2013 (Middleware sector including Gamification)   B2B SaaS / GaaS Model © Mind Commerce

Underlying Reality …:

© Rajat Paharia Underlying Reality …

Industry Impact …:

Industry Impact … © Yu-Kai Chou

Connecting Real World Purpose …:

Connecting Real World Purpose … Build a virtual village & Donate the items for a real village in Uganda 300 thousands register gamers are playing

Community Awareness …:

Community Awareness … Make society aware & habituated with day-to-day waste management system 4 million registered player 75% increase of recycling program since partnering with them. Solving Problem …: Solving Problem … Cracked the structure of protein-sniping enzyme that reproduce AIDS virus in only 3 weeks

SuperBetter: Self Improvement …:

SuperBetter: Self Improvement … Achieve goals or recover from a setback Relies on the principles of positive psychology

Performance Improvement …:

Performance Improvement …

Brand Engagement …:

Brand Engagement … Vending interface as game board Unlock badges, share, play with friend etc.

Retail Activation and Product Engagement …:

Retail Activation and Product Engagement … Redeemable virtual currency

What About Gen Y …:

What About Gen Y …

Digitally Native Generation …:

Digitally Native Generation … 43% play social games Nearly 100% are digitally connected Outcome driven, not process Multitasking extraordinaires Extrinsic life goals (money, fame, image) and less concerned for others Overly self-confident, entitlement, and self-absorbed Will overtake the majority representation of the workforce by 2015 Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) empowered   Next corporate revolution will be power to the peons Source: Pew Research, Computer World & U.S. Census Bureau

“Run that Town” by Australian Bureau of Statistics:

“Run that Town” by Australian Bureau of Statistics

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Meaningful vision  – It should show users that their actions are for a greater good and can build upon itself to initiate long-term change Contexts for civic learning  – Actions and feedback should represent that of the community the user is in Focused participation  – Actions should be focused on one common goal for the most meaningful responses and feedback Community responses  – a community network should exist to support all those involved and should build upon itself over-time to scale Fast Results  – Systems need to be able to quickly show user actions have an effect to keep users engaged Value  – Using the program needs to be a low-risk proposition with high-reward potential Tactical Gamification Approach …

Gamification Y ……. in 2014 !!!:

Gamification Y ……. in 2014 !!! CIVIC Engagement is the Future Gamification CIVIC Economy is the future Gamification platform

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Kabir Ahmad Email: [email protected] t witter : kabirahmad2008 Linkedin :