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Welcome to North Forrest 6th grade History:

Welcome to North Forrest 6 th grade History 2015-2016 School Year History Class Expectations Mr. Kelvin Hilton

A little about me:

A little about me I went to college at Belhaven University I play football I love the outdoors I have a passion for helping young individuals like you become successful!

Why am I here?:

Why am I here? To guide you To teach you To help you succeed In order to become successful, I not only have to believe in you…..but you must believe in yourself! Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Attendance Policy:

Attendance Policy “Anything lost can be found again, except for time wasted” (Meaning its important to always be on time) You will receive credit points for warm-up assignments and discussions at the beginning of each class, if you are on time to participate

My Grading Scale:

My Grading Scale Rubric grades 100-90= A Our Goal! 90-80= B 80-70= C 70-60= D 59-below= F Not what we want!


Homework Homework will be assigned based on how much we get covered in class. If the noise is to a minimum and we can cover the review questions at the end of the chapters in class, there will be no homework. But if we do not make it to them, they will be assigned for homework.

Re-do Policy:

Re-do Policy Homework- Can be turned in up to two days late, only worth half credit. Test- Can be taken over only if reasonable absents. And some points can be received back on a test by correcting your wrong answers.

Classroom Rules:

Classroom Rules Be respectful Be patient Be on task Be prepared Be on time

Reaction to rule breaking…..:

Reaction to rule breaking….. Verbal warning Name on the board Student conference/check mark beside name Detention/parent contact Write up to administration

Now tell me about yourself.:

Now tell me about yourself. Take out one sheet of notebook paper. On that piece of paper write you name and date in the topic right hand corner. On this sheet of paper answer the following questions. What is one of your favorite things to do? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you enjoy learning about history? Warm-up time

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