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Office The opening of the show will start in an office. This is a short scene at the start to establish a disruption for our protagonists. The office is filmed with low key lighting, to suggest the people in the office are evil. I also plan to film an establishing shot of an exterior of an office. This is to give the audience a reference to where they are.

Board Room :

Board Room This board room serves as a setting for the main antagonist to make his first appearance. Its use is to create a higher corporate connotation around the "Dr. G" Character, creating an evil feel to the on goings in the building.  The lighting in the room is low key to reflect the shade going on within the business.

Crete, Greece:

Crete, Greece We meet Rogers & Harrington at their balcony in Crete. The island of the coast of Greece will be an ideal location to film in there are many photogenic areas which will enhance my scenes. I plan to film an establishing shot of buildings to show where they are. Short clips of Rogers & Harrington walking through a street. And in a bar.

Southend  Airport:

Southend  Airport Concluding my opening 3 minutes Rogers and Harrington find their selves at Southend airport looking for Roger's car. I plan to film an establishing shot of the building with Rogers and Harrington leaving the building. Then to film a scene of the two at a separate location for dialogue; it will be a challenge to be able to film a scene at the airport.

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