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Providence Pet:

Providence Pet By Karyn Randolph

Business Idea/Model:

Business Idea/Model Best Fit = Pet Sitting Low start up cost Not too time consuming to start I could pass clients on to my teenage son when the challenge is over.

Marketing Strategy:

Marketing Strategy Referrals Word of mouth Social Media ( Facebook ) Build a website Fliers

Purpose of in home care::

Purpose of in home care: No cramped kennel. ​ ​​Pets experience less stress if they can stay in the security and safety of their home. The hassle and anxiety of traveling to outside facilities or a relative's home is eliminated.   No unfamiliar animals that may scare or  intimidate.                                   Lessen their exposure to infections or disease.   No change in diet or exercise routines.

Unique Included Services::

Unique Included Services: Package pick up Plant watering Garbage out/in Rotation of interior lights (so it appears you are home)

Challenges/Opportunities: :

Challenges/Opportunities:   Challenges It takes time to build a reputation as a reputable pet sitter. The business has slow growth and a pet sitters reputation is built through word of mouth. Liability Insurance is recommended. Setting up initial appointments takes time. In the future I will have paperwork ready for the clients to fill out with their pet directions. I wouldn't distribute fliers in the future. This type of advertising didn't generate any business . Opportunities Social Media and word of mouth turned out to be the greatest help. We were able to get the word out to friends and family, and they were able to share the information on their Facebook pages.   Website- We created a website but did not pay for any service to promote the website. This was a useful tool to share on Facebook as well.


Success Exceeded goal of $100.00 Got the word out about our business Learned a great deal Made some new friends in the neighborhood



Why Invest?:

Why Invest? A small investment can bring big profits over time in this industry. Social Media potential Steady growth means building clients over time and a great return on investment.  


Profit/Loss Initial Investment     Fliers $ (10.00)   Website $ (12.00)   Labor $ -   Total Investment   $ (22.00)             Client #1 June $100.00   Client #2 July $ 125.00   Gross Profit   $225.00       Net Profit   $ 203.00 Work in Process:     Future Bookings August $100.00  

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