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Young Surgeons’ Group Dept: of Vet. Surgery and Obstetrics FAH & VS, SAU, TandoJam Fly Like An Eagle TRAINING ON SURGICAL TECHNIQUES USED IN SMALL ANIMAL PRACTICE From 20th Jan to 20 Feb, 2010 for

Profile of the Young Surgeon Group: : 

Profile of the Young Surgeon Group: Started: 20th Jan, 2010 Membership: 20th Jan, 2010 Fee Collected: Rs. 500/= per head Targets Achieved: Shampoo Day Vaccination Castrations Inter Department Collaborations Spaying Tail Docking Dehorning Ultra-Sonography Treatment of Viral & Infectious Diseases Wound Management Hernia Management I/V and Urinary Catheterizations Fracture management Surgical treatment of urolithesis C-section

Activities: : 

Activities: Days Wise Rotation Donations Received Services Provided: Extension, Indoor Patients Ward Inter Department Communications: Parasitology: For Protozoal Infection Identification Anatomy: Formalin & Preservation Chemicals Pathology: Post-Mortem of Died Animals Medicine: Collaborative Lectures Physiology: Sample Analysis Information Lab Tests: Analyzed Blood Samples for Prozoans. Donated Goldy (The Pup) to Pathology Department. Post Mortem: 03 (Goldy, Kanj, Aborted Fetus) Blood Transfusions: 05 Free SMS Service: Animal Quotes, News, Up-Dates Web sites launching Expenses: Rs. 6000/- Income: Rs. 2850/- Loss: Rs. 3150/-

Animals Adopted: : 

Animals Adopted: Candy: Candy is a White Cute Kitten, Donated by Waqas (Third Year Student). Celebrated the Adoption Ceremony which was presided by Dr. Allah Bux Memon. Cat was Named CANDY by Miss Moomal Bughio.

Animals Adopted: : 

Animals Adopted: Jack & Jolly: Jack & Jolly are two Black Persian Cats, Adopted by Mr. Junaid Keyani. They were gifted by a Dentist at Karachi. They were named Jack & Jolly by the Adopter.

Animals Adopted: : 

Animals Adopted: Tweety: Tweety is a Beautiful white kitten, with Brown & Black Patched coat, adopted by Mr. Rauf Kashmiri. It was found home & Mother less in the Indoor Patients Ward. He Named it TWEETY, feeds milk with the help of special type of hand made Feeder. It was only 5 days old when aopted, and now it has an age of 22 days.

Animals Adopted: : 

Animals Adopted: Chinky, Minky & Rinky: Chinky, Minky and Rinky were brothers and sister of TWEETY, they were adopted by Miss Moomal. She named them on the very first day of adoption. She tried her level best to survive them, but ALAS…! Chinky & Rinky died on 2nd day, while Minky was also dead on 3rd day of Adoption.

Animals Adopted: : 

Animals Adopted: Raoni: Raony is an Off-White colored dog of about two months age. It is adopted by Mr. Junaid Keyani. Gifted by Mr. Naeem Soomro after giving it the name RAONY. Raony was castrated by Naeem Soomro.

Computer & Digital Activities: : 

Computer & Digital Activities: Videos Launched: Docking: 01 Spaying: 01 De-Clawing: 02 Donations Received: 01 Treating the Lioness: 01 Mangement of Hernia: 01 Feeding a Kitten (Tweety): 01 C-Section in Sheep: 01 Tail Docking: 01 Ultra-Sonography: 01 C-section in buffalo

Computer & Digital Activities: : 

Computer & Digital Activities: Articles Written: Cesarean Section in Sheep Save the Ailing Lioness at Hyd Zoo Methods & Procedures for Tail Docking Pregnancy Diagnosis in Buffaloes through Ultra-Sonography De-Clawing Techniques Management of Incisional Hernia Management of Dystocia during Lambing Dogs & Cats need Govt. & Public Attention in Pakistan De-Clawing in Cats Management of Difficult Births at Kidding Pregnancy Diagnosis in Large animals by Rectal Palpation De-Horning Methods & Techniques Ventral Hernia in Goat Surgical treatment of Urolithiasis A glance on C-Section in Goat Scope of Large Animal Surgery

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C-section in sheep C-section in buffalo C-section in deer

Computer & Digital Activities: : 

Computer & Digital Activities: Websites Launched: www.hassanianclinic.blogspot.com www.proudvet.blogspot.com www.vetsurgeons.blogspot.com www.dawnveterinarians.blogspot.com www.falconsurgeonsgroup.blogspot.com www.brightveterinarian.blogspot.com

Meetings & Parties: : 

Meetings & Parties: Young Surgeons’ Group organized following meetings & Parties: Program & Plans Demonstration Oath taking Ceremony Weekly performance Report Party for the Surgeons who had done their Life’s First Surgery. Meeting for the solution of Problems arisen in the group.

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Inauguration Ceremony of 8th & 9th Group & Program Demonstration to the Faculty

Cases Summary: : 

Cases Summary: Species Wise Distribution: Dogs: 06 (Shampoo, German, Shephered, Anny, Blade, Scissor, Huskey) Cats: 03 (Suzzi) Buffaloes: 03 Deer: 01 Cattle: 1 Poultry: 02 Sheep: 01 Lion: 01 Goat: 2

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Ovariosectomy in SUZZY Canine Distemper Case Castration Managing the Mastitis Treating Leg Fracture in Hen

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Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. ~George Eliot The kind man feeds his beast before sitting down to dinner. ~Hebrew Proverb

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Diseases/Problems Treated: : 

Diseases/Problems Treated: Ovariosectomy: 03 (Asma, Ameen, Suzi) Castration: 03 (Sana, Razzak, 2 Sir) Mastitis: 02 Canine Distemper: 03 (2 German Shepherd, 1 Bhalo) Parvo Viral Infection: 03 Epilepsy: 03 Delivery: 01 Caesarian Section: 03 (Clinic) Hernia: 02 Declawing: 03 Tail Docking: 01 Nail Trimming 04: (Jack, Jolly, Candy, Suzi) Ultra Sonography 07: (Urolithiasis: 2, Tara, Stray, Cat, Rabbit, Neopolian) Tumor: 01 (Buffalo) Vulval Maggots: 01 (Neopolian Mastive) Dehorning: 01 Dystocia: (Buffalo 01) Fractures: Deer, Hen, Goat Para-Phimosis: 01 Buck Urine Retention: 01 Calf Urethrotomy: 01 Buck

A Glance on Activities: : 

A Glance on Activities:

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Case of Ailing Lioness presented and reported to District Co-ordinating Officer, Hyderabad to save the life of lioness (Fighting of Young Surgeons is continued from 13-2-2010 todate).

Cases Gathered From: : 

Cases Gathered From: Petaro Cantt. Thandi Sadak, Hyderabad. Air Port Road, Islamabad. Near Railway Station, TandoJam. Pakistani Chowk, TandoJam. Mir Ghulam Sarwar Goth. Ilyas Bagh Colony, TandoJam. Degree District, Mir Pur Khas. Tando Allah Yar. Shikarpur

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LEG Amputation in a Siamese Cat

Animals Admitted/Discharged: : 

Animals Admitted/Discharged: All the animals operated in the department; obtained a Post Operative Care for Minimum of 2 days. SUZZI remained admitted for about 15 days. She’s perfect now. PUDDY remained admitted for 5 days. He was suffering from Parvo Viral Infection. Treated through Blood Transfusion & other Medication KANJ & KABUTAR remained admitted for 6 days. Kanj died, Kabutar is fine now. Two GERMAN SHEPHERED dogs remained admitted for 2 days. Both of them died as they were suffering for Canine Distemper. More than 10 stray animals got the service of Indoor Patients Ward.

Future Plans : 

Future Plans Camping Publication Conferences Participation Grants Projects Hunting Vaccination Days Simon’s Day Shampoo Day Community Services Animal House (Breeding Kennel) Exotic Animal Surgery, Laser Surgery

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Glimpses of the Program

Summary of Training Program : 

Summary of Training Program 19 Students’ Contribution Operated 48 Cases 40 owned animals treated Vaccinated 105 animals Adopted 7 animals Launched 3 websites Published 16 Articles Launched 12 High Definition Videos Hundreds of Cases Photographs & Videos 30 new clients introduced We were only 19….


OUR REQUEST We have ability to communicate risks & benefits of surgical procedures effectively with client. We are able to develop community spirit, and to change the society for the welfare of the animals and humanity. WE NEED YOUR MORAL & ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT, WHICH WE DESERVE. WE ARE VETERINARIANS, SURGEONS AND MERITORIOUS STUDENTS…. WE NEED YOUR HELP…. FOR BETTER FUTURE!

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THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE “May Allah gave us perfection and devotion to assist in solving the problems of mega entrepreneurs in general and for the small stock holders in particular ”.