How to Improve Your Fraud Radar


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Charles R. Whitlock hands out five tips you can take towards improving your fraud radar.


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How to Improve Your Fraud Radar Charles R. Whitlock Presents:

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Steer Clear of Too Good Anytime someone approaches you with an offer that seems too good to be true, move on. You’re probably right. Don’t get caught being smitten by the possibility of dream-fulfilling deals.

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Trust Second Your respect should be earned not expected. Take time to investigate offers and vet people instead of immediately trusting them and hoping for the best. When a stranger approaches, question first, trust second.

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Warn Others First of all, the more you talk about something, the more likely you are to remember it. Second, you probably want to improve the fraud radar of your friends and family as well. Make sure you put the advice of Charles R. Whitlock to use by sharing what you know.

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Stay Organized By maintaining a logical and effective organization system, you will be able to better track the important details of your identity and finances. Knowing where everything is and at what stage a particular process is in will improve your chances of spotting something that goes missing, is out of place, or has been changed.

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Investigate Concerns If the numbers simply don’t add up, don’t ignore it. Do something about it. Investigate to see where you or someone else has gone wrong. If it’s just their mistake, they’ll likely fix it. If they were trying to mislead you, you’ll prevent them from succeeding. If you discover something illegal in this process, be sure to report everything you know to the authorities.

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Educate Yourself The more knowledge you have about the scams out there and the strategies con artists use to commit fraud, the easier you can improve your fraud radar. There is a wealth of information about fraud both online and in books from well-known authors like Charles R. Whitlock . You can also book Charles to speak at your fraud-related event.