Top Five Tips for Healthy Feet


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Find out how to keep your feet happy and healthy with these five tips for foot health.


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Top 5 Tips f or Healthy Feet

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Regularly Inspect Your Feet Your feet say a lot about your health, s o be sure to pay attention to their c olor, temperature, and nail thickness. Also, l ook for signs of cracking, peeling, or scaling, as they could be signs of a fungus or infection.

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Go Barefoot Give your feet a little freedom and go barefoot now and then. While you shouldn’t do this outdoors or in unsafe areas, going barefoot can be great around the house. When you bare your feet, you allow them to breathe and to build up more strength.

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Get Active As with most health issues, y ou can prevent some foot problems simply by staying active. So get outside, go for a run, or learn to dance. There are many activities t hat allow you to kick up your heels.

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Wash Your Feet This may seem like a no brainer, b ut take it seriously. Your feet come into contact with all kinds of bacteria and contaminants on the ground. Take care to wash them everyday, especially between those toes. Dry them thoroughly to keep fungus and bacteria at bay.

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Choose the Right Shoes As pretty as those heels may be, they are terrible for your foot, leg, and back health. Choose shoes that do not make your feet sore and that match the activities of the day. Also, don’t wear the same shoes everyday, because you can get too accustomed to a certain type of foot support .

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Enjoy Your Happy Feet When taken care of properly, f eet can lead you on great a dventures and help you o ver difficult obstacles, so keep your feet healthy for an active and happy life.