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Sawadee,let me introduce myself. : 

Sawadee,let me introduce myself. Greeting from Thailand, my name is Bunika Chuchan.You can call me Prang. I'm 13 + 1 years old.

and I love . listening to classical music. reading

Here’re some of my favorite books. : 

Here’re some of my favorite books.

Not only reading and listening to music, I also like playing piano. Do you play any musical Instrument ? My favorite composer is Frederic Chopin.

My Hobbies : 

My Hobbies Like I said before, my hobbies are reading,listening to music and playing piano, but I forgot to tell you that I love writing poem. If I have free time, I always think about my poem and novel. Reading - I love reading. This wonderful habbit come from my mother.Reading can help me get through the misery.When we read books like Little Women or The Best Of James Herriot, they’ll leave a little spot of happiness in our heart.Every book let me experience the world that I never know before and enrich my fantasy. Mythology and Theogony are the best guide to introduce the ancient world. My favorite author are James Herriot,Neil Gaiman,L.M. Alcott,The Bronte Sisters… there’re so many author that I like, I couldn’t tell you all. They’re all my inspiration to draw my dream as a story.

My Hobbies : 

My Hobbies Listening to music - Music can heal the pain in my heart, and also melt the anger inside my mind. I love to listen Rachmaninoffs,Mendelsohns and Chopins, at the same time, I respect in Schubert’s and Beethoven’s music.Playing piano come from listening to music.

My Family : 

My Family I’ve got a quiet big family ,include my dogs. Aren’t the dogs cute? :)

An at the end… : 

An at the end… You know some part of me that I could share. I think we’ll have a good connection between our countries and be a good friend. GOOD LUCK Let’s brake our legs!