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Practice of PowerPoint Features:

Practice of PowerPoint Features EDUC 570 Practice inserting a light blue background on this slide.

Slide 2:

Practice custom animation: select Animations, Custom Animation. Click on the first object. Select Add Effect, Entrance. Select Dissolve In. Continue the process for all objects. Practice reordering the sequence in which the objects appear

Practice with Dimming:

Practice with Dimming Line 1: Not so important Line 2: More important Line 3: Most important Use Animations. In the Custom Animation pane, select : Add Effect, Entrance, Dissolve in. Use the drop down arrow next to the inserted effect. Select Effect Options. Remove Don’t Dim. Select light gray as the color for the dimming. Check the slide using the Slide Show button in the Custom Animation Pane.

Slide 4:

For the next slides, follow oral directions provided in class.

Practice Motion Paths:

Practice Motion Paths Make the hand move across the screen from left to right. Now hand draw a way for the hand to move across the screen.

Insert a Hyperlink to Another Slide:

Insert a Hyperlink to Another Slide To find out more about Inspiration Click on the Picture

What is Inspiration:

What is Inspiration Graphic organizer Creates webs Converts webs to outlines Use Return Action Button; Insert it below left corner. Make this a hidden slide.

Hyperlink: Text:

Hyperlink: Text Find out what Kidspiration is. Make the word Kidspiration the hyperlink.


Kidspiration Kid-friendly Graphic organizer Pictures and text Insert a Back Arrow Action Button to go to slide you just came from.

Add Shapes to this Slide:

Add Shapes to this Slide Insert three AutoShapes.

Insert Shapes and Use Fill Color:

Insert Shapes and Use Fill Color Insert three AutoShapes Change the fill color of each

Practice with Arrows:

Practice with Arrows Insert an arrow pointing to the A+ in the picture. Color line red and size the line to 4 pt.

Insert Sound:

Insert Sound Use a sound from Clip Art Organizer Select Play when Clicked

Use Slide Sorter to Insert Transitions:

Use Slide Sorter to Insert Transitions Select Blinds Vertical Medium Speed Apply to All Slides

Record Narration:

Record Narration If you have a microphone, practice recording using this presentation. Return to the first slide, Select Slide Show, Record Narration. Test the Mic. If set, narrate each slide, saving the Sound for each slide as you go through them one by one recording yourself.

Slide 16:

Don't forget to save your work!