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The education system today in India is a part of the traditional way of learning the British adopted which itself is the oldest in the world. Study in UK and be a part of the legacy of oldest universities of the world by pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s courses and earn a degree which is highly respected around the world.


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UK Education Consultants:

UK Education Consultants The UK education system is amongst the oldest in the world. Students who study in UK can get to learn at historical universities which have been set up by the royal family of Great Britain or by a Papal decree from the Catholic Church. Universities in UK comprise of a number of different faculties and colleges, each of which confer degrees in various subjects to students.

Features of UK education system:

Features of UK education system 1. Students who study in UK are expected to complete their course and earn their degrees in three or four years 2. If the student successfully completes all course requirements within three years then he is awarded an honors degree 3. Students who do exceptionally well while earning their honors degree are given first class honors, followed by second, upper second, lower second and third 4. Students from India who study in UK will find it easy to adjust with the mode of studying as it is similar to the education system in India 5. Students can opt for pursuing degree in a single subject or a combination of subjects which results in a dual degree 6. Universities in UK are of three types- Collegiate universities, city universities and campus universities.

Benefits of study in UK:

Benefits of study in UK You can study in the best and most prestigious universities in the world A degree from the United Kingdom can add a lot of weight to one’s resume You can work while you study in UK There are excellent research facilities for students studying in multiple courses Students can study in dual degree programs

Scholarships for study in United Kingdom:

Scholarships for study in United Kingdom Rhodes Scholarship Gates Cambridge Scholarships Chevening Scholarships Commonwealth Masters Scholarships Edinburgh Global Research Fellowship Bristol University International Office Scholarship University of Sussex’s Chancellor’s international fellowship University of Westminster International Scholarships Developing Solutions Scholarship at University of Nottingham

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