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To my fellow classmates in Educational Technology 2


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Story Of My Life:

Story Of My Life

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January 27, 1997 a baby girl was born named Jorgie Niña Juguilon Anito . She was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anito . Then she finally found her world …

Erlinda J. Anito:

Erlinda J. Anito The woman who loves me unconditionally, who stand us, who believe me in every step of the way I made. She never leave us despite of the difficulties of our family. She fight for it, for her five daughters. She is a single mom. I love you Ma! Mwuaaahhh .

Me and My Mama Lyn’s:

Me and My Mama Lyn’s

Anito’s Sister:

Anito’s Sister No words can define a love of the sisters . Eldest sister Erlyn Joy Anito 2 nd eldest Jovie Ann Anito

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3 rd eldest Mera Christine Anito 4 th eldest Jade Evannie Anito

Sister’s Bonding :

Sister’s Bonding 

My Family’s Precious Moment:

My Family’s Precious Moment

High School Days ..:

High School Days ..  HIGH SCHOOL ; it may be hard, annoying, awkward, irritating etc. but admit it, You’re going to miss it when it ends.. 

My Fellow G.S.P.:

My Fellow G.S.P. They say the happiest place on earth is Disneyland. They’re wrong, it’s camp .

My 16th Birthday :

My 16 th Birthday


GRADUATION DAY  I made it to the top. YEAHEY !!! 

Next Stop...:

Next Stop... I took up first Tourism Management at Cebu Eastern College .

My 17th Birthday:

My 17 th Birthday

My Journey….:

My Journey…. Now I am at USPF { University of Southern Philippines Foundation} taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Content Area.

My USPF Family:

My USPF Family


DEBUT Today is the oldest you’ve ever been ,and the youngest you’ll ever be again .

Slide 20:

The people who make me feel comfortable better.

19th Birthday:

19 th Birthday

This is ME, The Real ME:

This is ME, The Real ME

Slide 25:

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures during my childhood. The tragedy we’ve been encountered that our house burn down by the fire. January 13, 2016



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