Jorge Gutman Shares Tips for Making Your Dive Last Longer

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Jorge Gutman Shares Tips for Making Your Dive Last Longer As a certified diver with more than 35 years of diving experience Jorge Gutman understands that beginners often have to cut their first few diving trips short because they run out of air quicker than they expected. Even though practice and time are typically what it takes to have better air consumption during a dive Jorge Gutman recommends a few other tips for making the most out of your dive time. Relax This tip is easier said than done especially for new scuba divers. However the more you are able to relax the longer your air will last allowing you to dive longer. Additionally the more dives you complete the more comfortable you will become being underwater and using the equipment. Minimize Your Movements The more you move underwater the deeper you will breathe which results in using more air. Jorge Gutman recommends that new divers find a comfortable position do your best to maintain it

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throughout their dive. By relaxing your body and using your fins to propel yourself you wont exert as much energy or consume as much air. The most efficient way to propel yourself underwater is to use large slow fin kicks. Check Your Gear The smallest leak in the least obvious place will bring your dive to an abrupt halt so check your gear several times and have a diving friend check your gear as well. The main leak culprits are typically O- rings inflator hoses and connection points explains Jorge Gutman.

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