Jorge Gutman - Building Strong Relationship with the Client

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Jorge Gutman: Building a Strong Relationship with the Client An experienced South Florida homebuilder and developer Jorge Gutman knows the importance of building a strong working relationship with each client and of doing so long before the project gets underway. Establishing a connection based on trust and open communication is key as maintaining such a channel helps ensure both contractor and client are on the same page throughout the course of build. An organized and efficient relationship with the client as Jorge Gutman knows requires:  A detailed roadmap of the project its scope and its timeline. To best prepare the client for the road ahead it helps to provide them as much detail as possible as to each phase of the project what will be needed and the processes involved for getting the home completed on a timely schedule.  Regular updates on project status. It’s important to stay in contact with the client regularly as it demonstrates that you care about their input as well as their role as the primary stakeholder in the project.  Phase completion reviews. Upon completion of each project phase be sure to provide the client a sense of what was accomplished any setbacks that occurred and what can be done to improve.

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