Jorge Gutman-Successful Construction Management Tips

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Jorge Gutman has worked as a licensed general contractor in Florida, Jorge Gutman has undertaken numerous construction projects, ranging from residential houses to commercial complexes.


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Jorge Gutman Successful Construction Management Tips

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Jorge Gutman In the three decades Jorge Gutman has worked as a licensed general contractor in Florida hes undertaken numerous construction projects ranging from residential houses to commercial complexes. In many instances hes the guy in charge of making sure things run smoothly on site and work is completed according to expectations. Ensuring this happens requires him to keep a few construction management principles in mind.

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Jorge Gutman Ensure there is a flow of communication Among the most vital elements of construction management is communication. Both good and bad news is essential when building so you need to establish a communication flow with everyone involved – from the suppliers to senior stakeholders.

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Jorge Gutman Continuously plan Planning may be the second tenet of recognized project management phases but construction managers should start planning way before actual work begins and continue reviewing those plans until the project concludes. Continuous planning allows the project to adapt to changing factors.

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Jorge Gutman Ask questions A good construction manager is an integral part of the team and process and rarely will he/she be found just seated at their desks wholly removed from the group. Managing a construction project requires integrated effort and focus than many industries mainly because a lot of the work is physical. Jorge Gutman is the owner and president of J. Gutman Construction Inc.

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