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Spanish Project


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Proyecto Final :

Proyecto Final By Jordan Roed

Basic Conversation:

Basic Conversation ¡ Holá ! ¿ Comó te llamos? Me nombre es Jordan. ¿ Comó estás? Estoy muy bien, gracias. Mucho gusto. Hasta pronto.


School En la escuela la ropa es azul pantalones, blanco y azul camiseta. En la escuela en Costa Rica empieza en febrero y termina en dicembre .


House En mi casa hay la tres baño, le cocina, tres el dormitorio, y el cuarto de familia. La casa es rojo y grande.


Family En mi familia el padre, la madre, la hermana, el hermano, y bebe. Me gusta tengo un hermano, Jesús.


Hobbies Mi tiempo libres es surfear, correr, el fútbol, el béisbol, y leer. F avoritas tiempo libres es surfear, correr, y el fútbol.


Food Comidas la fruta, el pollo, el tocino, la pizza, beben el café, refrescos, y agua. Mis favoritas comidas la pizza y el pollo.

Shopping Experiences:

Shopping Experiences En Costa Rica compre la camisetas, los pantalones, los pantalones correr, los calcetines, y los zapatos.


Community En la comunidad hay el hotel, la farmacia, la biblioteca, la iglesia, y el correo.

Compare and Contrast:

Compare and Contrast En Costa Ricas escuelas, escuela empieza en febrero y termina en diciembre. En Estados Unidos escuelas, escuela empieza en agosto y termina en junio. En Ticos casas son más pequeños que Estados Unidos casas. En Costa Rica la familia extendida se queda con ellos. En Costa Rica cada uno le gusta el fútbol. En Costa Rica es café, azúcar y plátanos son importantes, en Estados Unidos no es importante. En Costa Rica tienen grades centros comerciales. En Estados Unidos más tiene pequeño centros comerciales. En Costa Rica’s comunidad tienen volcanes de todos el mundo. En Estados Unidos comunidad no tienen volcanes de todos el mundo.

English Part 1:

English Part 1 What differences have you seen between the Spanish language and your native language? What did you find interesting and exciting about the Costa Rican culture? The differences between the Spanish language and my native language, English, that I have noticed is that in Spanish there are no apostrophes. Some sentences that we say in Spanish do not always translate out to what they mean in English. A very interesting thing that I found out about the Costa Rican culture was that they have McDonalds in their country, but some of the food choices have beans and rice added to them. An exciting thing that I learned about the Costa Rican culture would be that they have Volcano national parks which would be very exciting to visit one day.

English Part 2:

English Part 2 What do you hope to learn if you continue to study the Spanish language? I would hope to learn how to conjugate verbs better. I would like to feel more comfortable using them within sentences. Now that I have completed Spanish I, I would like to dig deeper into the Spanish language. In Spanish I , I feel as though I have a solid foundation of the basics. Once I learned more, I hope to communicate with our Spanish exchange students more often.

English Part 3:

English Part 3 We have learned elements of a language in a different teaching/learning style than you may be used to. Talk about your experience with learning Spanish in an online class. What did you like about the course? What did you not like and/or what could be improved? I liked that this course was online and it really did give me a break from being in a traditional classroom. Another thing that I really liked was that it was at your own pace. Since I have quite a few extra-curricula activities it allowed me to get most of my assignments done earlier in the week when I wasn’t as busy. One thing that I disliked about this course was that there were some technical difficulties with my school issued laptop which didn’t allow the voice boards to work. Another thing that I disliked about this course was that we had to complete RLC’s for our units. I disliked the RLC’s because it was in the afternoon and I wasn’t allowed to start them at school since I am in Middle School and our classes are shorter. This caused me to have to find one that worked around my schedule at night which was really hard to do sometimes.

English Part 4:

English Part 4 What things did you do that helped you learn Spanish in this course? What things can you do to improve your own Spanish learning in the future ? One thing that I did to help improve learning Spanish in this course was to really focus on conjugating the verbs. I got some really good help from my teacher because she posted videos on the Learning Block that helped me understand what shoe-verb was, how to break down ar verbs, ir verbs, etc. I could improve my Spanish learning in the future by trying to have a conversation with others taking Spanish or talking with foreign exchange students. The ultimate would be to go to a Spanish speaking country for a vacation to see firsthand their conversations and how they conjugate verbs whenever they are talking to each other.

English Part 5:

English Part 5 What things did your instructor do to help you with your learning? Was there anything that your instructor didn't do that would have helped you? My instructor posted a lot of videos on the Learning Block about the different topics that we were learning. She also included a nice review on current and previously learned topics. My instructor always responded to my RLC questions which really help me better understand the unit. Lastly , my instructor provided me with helpful videos, comments and websites to all of my assignments that I submitted like the Senor Jordan videos to watch that helped me understand the topic/concept better. Even though I know my instructor had a lot of students, my grades were not put in as quickly as I would have liked for them too. But, both of my parents are teachers so I do understand. If I had known my grades a little sooner, I might of be able to attend an extra credit RLC to try to boost my grade or even retried a few assignments that I didn’t do as well on from previous weeks.

El Fin :

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