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How to start a group home – Group Home Riches Group Home Riches is your one stop destination for information on how to start a group home. We offer a comprehensive 10-part free course on how you can start a group home from the scratch and earn extra cash on the side while helping people who are in need. The course is designed to provide you complete information on how the group homes are started and what are things you will need to start your own group home. Our easy to understand course provides a step-by-step guidance on how to start a group home and sustain them. Type of group homes you can open: • Homes for disabled • Youth Group Home • Substance abuse recovery home • Elderly care home • Low income group homes • Halfway home • Transitional living home • Sober home • Foster home • ICF/MR home • DADS Home

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• Group Home re-entry homes for ex-offenders Group Home Riches will provide detailed information on how you can use your existing resources to start a group home on your own including getting the required funding. CALL US TODAY 512-387-4616. Visit is for more information - Address: Austin Texas USA 78746 Email: Phone: 512-387-4616