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If you have been injured in a rollover accident in California, contact the experienced car accident lawyers at Johnson Attorneys Group for a free case review at 800-208-3538.


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Rollover Accident Lawyer in California /practice-areas/rollover-accident-lawyer-california/ An incident in which a vehicle rolls over onto its side or its roof is termed a “rollover” accident. Rollover accidents are the leading cause of death in collisions involving SUVs. And they are the second leading cause of death due to automobile accidents overall exceeded only by head-on collisions. If you have been injured in a rollover accident in California contact the experienced car accident lawyers at Johnson Attorneys Group for a free case review at 800-208-3538 today. Our consultation is free and you never pay any legal fees until there is a successful resolve of your California rollover accident case. Causes of Rollover Accidents Rollover crashes often involve vans pickup trucks sports utility vehicles SUVs or commercial vehicles such as extended vans or freightliners semi-trailer trucks although there are multitudes of car rollovers as well. Typical causes of rollover accidents include the following. Turning a corner too sharply Cutting wheels too sharply often to avoid objects animals potholes other vehicles Turning at a high speed T op-heavy narrow wheelbase to body ratio on vehicle Loss of control of the vehicle Weather conditions causing visibility issues Wet roads causing skidding hydroplaning or fishtailing What to Expect Following a Rollover Accident Most rollover accident cases in California will involve an injury. If this happens it’s likely that police will reconstruct the event and attempt to determine fault. Rollover cases are more likely to be investigated than other kinds of auto accidents. Statistics show there are a high number of rollover crashes due to manufacturing defects that make vehicles more susceptible to rolling over. A police report will be taken usually at the accident After the police report is fully reviewed your attorney will obtain an expert analysis of all pertinent facts regarding the The expert examines the location where the crash The expert inspects the vehicle You and your attorney obtain the expert’s clear explanation of what occurred and the causes of the The expert’s investigation and professional opinion provide a foundation for pursuit of compensation claims. 1/3

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What to Do After a Rollover Accident Protect your rights. It is imperative that you contact a California car accident attorney experienced in rollover cases in a timely manner to promptly pursue the fullest amount of compensation to which you are entitled. It’s important to have a personal injury professional working diligently to ensure that your interests are protected through every step of the process. This will give you peace of mind knowing that everything that should be done is being done to ensure that you receive all legally appropriate compensation for your injuries and other damages. Who is Responsible for Injuries Caused in a Rollover Accident As in all auto accidents the individual responsible for the accident or the individual’s auto insurance company or other financially responsible entity normally bears the primary legal obligation to compensate victims for damages caused in a rollover The responsible party may be the manufacturer of a defective vehicle or a governmental department or agency found negligent in permitting conditions to exist which may have caused or contributed to the severity of the In cases of insufficiently secured cargo loads the company commissioning the driver and truck or the company loading the truck may be responsible for damages from rollovers caused by the improper Rollover Accident Injuries Because of the extreme impact that is common in rollover crashes there are high risks of fatalities and catastrophic injuries from rollover accidents. Passengers not wearing seatbelts are at risk of being ejected from a vehicle during a rollover and crashing bodily at high speed directly onto the pavement passing cars trees or other solid surfaces. Also passengers in other vehicles as well as nearby pedestrians may become victims of rapidly rolling vehicles during accidents. Survivors of rollover crashes may suffer permanent injuries and disabilities including the following among others. 2/3

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Death Partial or full paralysis due to spinal cord injury Brain damage Major organ damage Loss of limb Loss of eye Disfigurement Broken bones Compensation that Rollover Victims Are Entitled to Claim The reality is that attempting to handle a major legal claim yourself against an insurance company puts you at major risk of obtaining much less of the compensation you deserve than having a qualified professional representing your interests. With an experienced car crash lawyer in California you may receive compensation for losses such as the following among others. Pain and suffering Medical expenses Lost income Disability Emotional distress Disfigurement Loss of normal activities Keep in mind that there is a time limit on filing legal claims in auto accident cases in California . Consider your options and decide to act as soon as possible. Then discuss your situation with the knowledgeable auto accident lawyers at Johnson Attorneys Group. Contact Us for Experienced Rollover Accident Representation in California If you or a loved one need legal advice about a rollover auto accident contact Johnson Attorneys Group for a free legal consultation about your case. Find out your legal rights regarding compensation for auto accidents involving rollovers. An experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury cases in California will assess your situation and advise you on what can be done to obtain the compensation you deserve. For a complimentary case evaluation call 1-800-208-3538. 3/3

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