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Bio Tabs are complete organic food tablets that slowly feed the soil itself. As a result, there is no risk of over or under dosing. Your plants always have exactly the right amount of 100% organic food.


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Old Amsterdam Seeds Old Amsterdam Seeds believes that natural Cannabis, closest to the roots of the finest Cannabis species, is the best. Old Amsterdam Seeds believes in species that are not bred.


New Cannabis Seeds Organic Wine most Old Amsterdam Biochar Old Amsterdam Biochar is made by means of pyrolysis. A combustion method in which no oxygen is involved. Guaranteed weed-free soil improver of grape with a high content of active soil bacteria to improve mineral absorption.


Bio Bacto Bio Symbiosis Bio Bacto is a dry, water-soluble powder with a large number of microbes having a practical effect on the soil and the root system. Bio Symbiose is a mixture of 9 different mycorrhiza spores and contains 88 spores per gram. Mycorrhizae are beneficial soil fungi. Growing Your Own Organic Cannabis


Top Cannabis Seeds Our seeds are natural products and therefore we can not offer a complete guarantee. The result you achieve depends greatly on your method.


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