Desert camp in Jaisalmer

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One of the best camping sights of Thar Desert, the luxurious Joggan Jaisalmer offers luxury Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. Find one of the best experience of Desert Camping with Joggan Jaisalmer Camp.


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Desert camp in Jaisalmer

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If you want to travel and experience something that is unforgettable and refreshing, the Desert camp in Jaisalmer awaits your visit. You must reservations on the camps near the Sam Sand Dunes, which is 40 kilometers away from the main city. You do not have to worry about travelling here on your own. You will be assisted by the travel agents.

The luxury tents in Jaisalmer:

The luxury tents in Jaisalmer

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The camp offers one night out in the dessert tents and the other might in the camp itself. The tents are fully equipped with the modern facilities for your comfortable stay. They are very much in touch with the raw desert camp experience that you are looking for but in luxury just like the rulers back in the ancient times.

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Recreational activities Every single moment in the desert camps is an adventure but there are better things planned for you. The camel desert safari , SUV’s thrill safari, parasailing, cultural dances and music, dune bashing, every activity is unique in its own way and people of all age can enjoy it.

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Closer to traditional culture The desert safari takes you along the ruins of some ancient villages and also currently inhabited village to see the lifestyle and culture of the local people. Also in the night with the bonfire the locals put up a cultural program for the visitors and dance on Rajasthani folk music.

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Travel India and experience its glory in the light of culture and tradition and don’t forget to include Desert camp in Jaisalmer in your journey around India.

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