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Form and Expectation – survey and responses:

Form and Expectation – survey and responses Jodie Goodacre

Our Survey:

Our Survey In order to discover the audience’s expectations of form for the trailer, I have decided to create a survey asking seven questions. I have asked 20 people to gain an all round response, meaning we can improve our trailer to match their expectations and opinions.


This second question asked the audience which section of a trailer they prefer . The responses here are quite varied, as 40% said the beginning, 25% said the middle and 30% said the end . Therefore, we will ensure to make each element of the trailer at a good quality , as they are all important aspects. The beginning should draw the audience into the trailer, gaining their attention . The middle informs the audience of the story line, and the end consists of a emotional and dramatic montage , making the audience excited to see the up coming film.


My first question asked what the audience thought the purpose of a trailer was. 80% of people asked said that they believe a trailer is to intrigue the audience. Therefore, we will ensure to include interesting situations and sections that will make the audience think , and attract them to our film. 15% thought that the purpose was the scare the audience. Scaring an audience would depend on the genre of a film, and ours is mystery fantasy. However, we could include small sections which would make the audience uncomfortable , as well as thrilling the audience, which could attract them to our film.


For this next question, those asked had to decide upon which aspect would they expect to be included in a mystery genre trailer. The preferred choice with 65% was misdirection . Misdirection means to cause the audience to believe in different things which may or may not be true to the story plot, causing them to experience surprise , making their experience more enjoyable . Although, we will be sure to include unanswered questions as well as interesting characters to satisfy the remaining 35% of respondents.


Here, we asked a similar question to the previous one, but specifically asking about the fantasy genre. Most of the responders, 80% , said that the most important factor to include in a fantasy film would be a character's unique ability/power . This means that they will be attracted to Tim’s ability of time travel as well as it fitting the genre expectations . 25% answered with the distortion of time, meaning this unique feature will be added to our trailer, to make it more interesting and appealing . We will also try to include likeable characters, so that the audience will become attached to the film, making it more personal to them.


Next, we asked which type of speech they would expect to hear more within a trailer, so we could match the audience’s expectations within our trailer. 75% thought they were most likely to hear examples of voice overs within a trailer. Therefore, we will be sure to include examples of voice overs. Voice overs allow the audience to concentrate on the speech of a character as well as an interesting scene . We will also include direct speech within our film so that the audience can match the speech to certain characters, making them aware of the different characters and their place in the trailer.


In order to match the audience’s expectation of the number of characters , we asked how many they would expect within a trailer. 85% expect to see 4-6 within a trailer. Therefore, our trailer will include 5 characters , including a younger version of a character, to match the expectation for a trailer. Having this many characters also allows us to include misdirection within our film. As there are various characters, our audience will be able to blame various a specific character for the murder, meaning some will be surprised when the true killer is revealed.


This next question revolved around location , and how many in total the audience will expect to see in a trailer. Most of those asked , 85%, expect to see 5-6 different locations within our trailer. Therefore, we will be sure to include 5-6 different locations, to show different sequences and time periods . This will help us to add the element of fragmentation within our trailer, making it look more realistic and to match the traditional form of a trailer. The different locations will also make the trailer more appealing to the audience.