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Media – Trailers 16-20 Analysis:

Media – Trailers 16-20 Analysis Jodie Goodacre


Camera: The two shot of the Susie and the boy looking at each other emphasises her normality and her stereotypical teenage character, making her seem more relatable, causing the audience to emphasis with her. Use of long shot of Susie on a bike and two shot of her and her mother allows the audience to establish their happy facial features, and so loving relationship and nature. Contrast of close ups are used to make different atmospheres. Susie is identified to have a positive and happy facial expression when with her father, which contrasts to the later close up of her with a confused, fearful expression, which is used to emphasis the negative atmosphere of this shot. Extreme close up of the antagonist chasing Susie’s sister, focuses on his fierce expression. Also, the hand held shaky effect of the sequence makes this shot become distorted, making the audiences disorientated as well as emphasising the fear and danger of her sister. A collection of fast paced action shots are used to conclude the trailer. This includes close ups of the main characters, showing the elements of action, danger and violence within the film, creating an intense and thrilling ending. The last shot is a long shot of the antagonist looking down at the audience. The light behind him makes his figure appear dark, making a negative atmosphere, as well as the darkness surrounding the room, also creating a mysterious and tense shot. Sound: Opens with a combination of non-diegetic high and low pitch piano keys to create a positive and light hearted atmosphere. The high pitch piano also creates an innocence effect, which links to Susie’s youth and purity. The non-diegetic low pitch drum echo is used after the narration “…when I was murdered”. This creates an eerie effect, emphasising the negative genre, as well as creating an effective contrast in the atmospheres created. Non-diegetic low pitch soft violins are used when the family discover that Susie is dead. This clearly projects their emotional pain, making the audience experience the sadness of the sequence also. Then, the sound alters to a non-diegetic upbeat, fast paced piano to create a mysterious and haunting atmosphere. The pleonastic sound of Susie’s distorted cry for help, creates a ghostly, distorted and eerie effect, showing her situation in the film after her death. Non-diegetic vocal music is added to the piano when Susie is shown in the “in-between”. This creates a chilling and haunting tone, also emphasising the utopian setting https://


Mise en scene: Lighting is used to create various atmospheres. High key lighting is used to create a positive and warm atmosphere, relating to the happy and loving family shots. Although, when Susie is recognised and missing and she talk about her death, the lighting turn to a slightly lower key, in order to create a negative and eerie atmosphere. This low key lighting is used throughout the remainder of the trailer to show the negative story. However, the “in-between” world is viewed using high key saturated lighting, to present the utopian and exaggerated positivity of this setting Susie’s costume is of bright and bold colours of blue and yellow. This symbolises her positive and youthful character. Her woollen hat is used in order to signify her close family relations, as her mother made this for her. The location of the large disserted field where Susie goes missing is used to emphasis how alone and vulnerable Susie is, linking to a traditional eerie location for negative things to occur. The next location of Susie’s “in-between” is of bright and bold colours (the same shades as Susie is seen to wear before her death, showing their distinctive connection). These vibrant colours used exaggerate how this is Susie’s perfect utopia, showing the freedom of her death. The boat in a bottle is a signifier of hope and love. At the beginning of the trailer, Susie and her father are seen making this, showing their close bond and love. However, in the last sequence her father is shown braking the bottle, which shows his little hope left without Susie. Editing: Fade to white fast paced transitions are used in the first section to resemble a camera flash, showing how this is past memory. The colour white also creates a positive atmosphere for a positive memory. A slow motion effect is used on the running shot of Susie when distorted screams for help. This is done in order to create a distorted and eerie effect, which links to Susie being a ghost. Edited filters are used on some sequences in order to create and exaggerate certain atmospheres. The first sequence uses a warm filter in order to create a warm atmosphere, linking to the happy family scene. A blue filter is used when Susie is on her own in the field, about to be killed, in order to show the change in atmosphere clearly, foreshadowing the eerie event of her death. The graphic film title is a white bold font on a black background, creating a bold and clear title. The deeper meaning of these simple colours could show that Susie is the white aspect of the writing, surrounded by darkness. This could display how she is cut off from the world and her family, due to her death and not being able to communicate with them, as well as how she is the light surrounded by darkness and negativity of reality. Things I could use? The shot transitions were rather clever as they create and link to certain atmospheres. I could use shot transitions within my trailer to enhance how the character is feeling. The filters and lighting also enhances the emotion behind the character is an exaggerated way, which we could include.


Sound: Contrast in non-diegetic pieces. It begins with a high pitched gentle yet eerie violin, and then changes suddenly to distorted and tension building metal noises. Non-diegetic metal noises are used to create a negative and gripping tone. Pleonastic sound of the whipping of the belt when Lucy escapes and the gun shots emphasis upon the danger and violence within the film, as well as Lucy’s new found superiority. Non-diegetic distorted echo drum noises are used in areas to create various tension filled and gripping sequences. Triumphant non-diegetic orchestra is used, including violins and drums to create intense sequences. Silence is used in areas, including when Lucy suddenly puts her hands up, stopping time. The silence emphasises the scene and Lucy’s power, as well as showing how superior she is as she stopped the music. https:// Camera: Group shot is used of the protagonist with many men holding on to her. This presents her to be a vulnerable character. Extreme close ups of the main character are used, including a distorted shot of her lips as she breaths heavily with the bag over her head, creating tension. Angles are used to establish power. Lucy is viewed with a high angle when tied up, and then man is viewed in a low angle to make him seem powerful, clearly presenting Lucy to be a vulnerable character. This contrasts to the low angle extreme close up of Lucy, making her seem powerful. The mid shot of Lucy with many men in front of her presents her powerful character. This shot is filmed behind Lucy, making her seem bigger and therefore stronger than the men in front of her, symbolising her growth in importance and power, compared to the beginning of the trailer. Various close ups of Lucy are used in order to make the audience focus on her and her emotions displayed, as well as to show her importance.


Mise en scene: Various props are used, including doctor utensils and the bandage around Lucy’s stomach. This presents how something happened to Lucy which she cannot remember, creating an eerie and mysterious atmosphere. The lighting on Lucy when she is having a fit is of very high key. This creates a harsh and eerie atmosphere. Lucy’s costume consists of everyday grey and white clothes. The dull shades enhance upon her average character, contrasting to her powerful persona. The antagonists are dressed in professional black clothing. The colour black has connotations with evil and negativity, clearly presenting their characters. The professional attire of suits presents how they are symbolised to be superior, however Lucy is the superior one due to her powerful character. Editing: Fade to next shots are used in the first sequence of the trailer, presenting Lucy’s disorientation and confusion, as these transitions create a dream like effect. Flashing white quick transitions are used when Lucy is captured to create a negative and harsh tone. A dark filter is used on the extreme close up of Lucy’s facial features when the bag is over her head. This dark tone creates a dark and negative atmosphere, projecting her fear. The extreme close up of Lucy’s eye with the different filters on the iris creates an unusual and unique tone, confusing the audience as well as creating griping shots. The fast paced white transitions are used after the gun firing to enhance upon the action and the danger, as well as Lucy’s growing power. Fast paced shots of establishing shots and civilians using a sped up edit is used to link to Lucy’s power and fast it is changing and improving. Editing is used to create various graphics and lights within the shots to show Lucy’s perspective and her power. CGI is used to create different explosions to enhance to violence and danger to Lucy. A slow motion and sped up effect is used on Lucy’s surroundings of the populated city as she speeds up and fast forwards time. This edit enhances upon her powerful superiority of character. Things I could use? The use of the fast paced switch to white transitions used after firing guns was rather effective, and so I could use this to enhance upon the action expressed to add tension and excitement. Also, the extreme close ups of the protagonist, including shots of the eyes, were interesting, and so we could include shots of facial features to create almost uncomfortable yet intense shots.


Camera: Long establishing shot of the main character sitting at a cafeteria table with two other tables in front of him, seating other students who have their backs to him. This emphasises how the main character, Charlie, is an out cast, who does not fit in with the rest of his piers. This shows his normality and enables the audience to relate and emphasise with him. Over the shoulder shot of Charlie looking at a stereotypical bully character as he makes fun of him. This also emphasises Charlie’s under dog character. Close ups are used to focus on Charlie’s happy emotion and to introduce new characters, focussing on their personalities. Various two shots and shot-reverse-shots are incorporated to allow the audience to view the three main character’s interactions and developing relationships. Close ups and two shots of Charlie and another character in a physical fight. This shows the elements of violence within the film, as well as creating a tense sequence. Close up low angle shot of Charlie. This enables the audience to focus on his happy facial expression. The low angle shows how he has gained power, and shows his feeling of pride and confidence due to his feeling of belonging, contrasting to how he was introduced, showing the development of his character. Sound: Non-diegetic sound of upbeat guitar and banjo. This creates a positive atmosphere, linking to the light hearted and warming film genre. Also, this upbeat music links to the youthful age of Charlie and the target audience. Voice over narrative is used throughout the trailer in order to develop the story clearly for the audience, as well as presenting the thoughts of the lead character. Pleonastic school bell is used to set the scene for an every day high school, linking to the normality of the main character. Silence is used in areas to allow the audience to focus on important dialogue and narration, and well to emphasis comedic dialogue. Non-diegetic sound effects of the type writer are used when graphic words appear on the screen, to emphasis Charlie’s love of writing. A non-diegetic contemporary song is used which includes clapping sounds, soft drums, vocals and acoustic guitars. This links to the youth of the main characters, the positive and uplifting atmosphere and it attracts the youthful target audience. https://


Mise en scene: Costumes are used in this trailer to establish and develop characters to the audience. Charlie wear various casual and practical pieces of clothing. This creates connotations of normality and shows his laid back and casual character. Sam is seen wearing rather feminine and party like clothing, which emphasises her girly and inner femininity, as well as her fun character. The locations of the school indicates the youth of the characters and sets the scene for a relatable setting to the audience. It also symbolises order and regulations of life, which could link to the elements of negativity in Charlie’s life, due to his negative experiences as shown in the trailer at school. The location of the party establishes the fun and upbeat side of youth, showing how the life of Charlie has become more exciting and positive since meeting his friends. Charlie’s type writer is a signifier of his creative character as well as developing his character and interests of writing. The lighting used in the trailer is a mixture of low and high key lighting. This is used in order to symbolise the negative and positive elements and aspects of Charlie’s life, showing that this film and his life is an emotional roller-coaster, although he does not focuses on these, but the people in his life that make a difference. Editing: Fade to black transitions are used in the first sequence in order to create a slightly negative atmosphere, which presents the idea that Charlie has a negative background or past memories. There is also a dark filter used in the beginning section, which backs up this theory. Cut transitions are used in the school sequence to establish how fast his first day of school was, and to show his feelings of disorientation and fear. Shot switches to a green filled screen with graphic writing in black font saying “Charlie never stood out”. This use of editing emphasises Charlie’s normality and relatable character. Editing is also used to create examples of shot-reverse-shots, including examples of conversations between the characters to develop their personalities and to show how their relationships are developing Things I could use?: I liked the use of the main character’s narrative voice over throughout the trailer, which we could incorporate in our trailer to develop the story clearly and the reveal to focus on the main character.

Slide8: Camera: This film is rather well known for its distinctive use of camera. With a variety of camera shots and angles, including extreme close ups and wide establishing shots, the use of camera impacts the film and relates to the action thriller genre. There are also many examples of the hand held camera sequences, adding a distorted and shaky feel, which links with the characters emotions of fear, as well as making it difficult for the audience to completely see some sequences, adding suspense and tension. The many examples of extreme close ups cause the audience to pay attention to these characters and their emotions through facial expressions. For example the extreme close up of the main character is effective as it displays her emotions of fear and anxiety, contrasting to the second extreme close up, presenting the character’s determination and brave spirit. Mise en scene: There are various uses of mise en scene throughout the trailer, including the costumes. The status of the characters are presented clearly as most are viewed wearing dull coloured rough clothing, showing the poverty, contrasting to the higher status characters wearing bright colours, showing their rich and important state. Also, Katniss is viewed to be wearing a leather jacket. Leather is a strong and tough material, therefore showing the audience her determination and brave personality. The symbol of the pin is used to signify hope and love, as Katnis is shown to fold it in her sisters hand. The location is also effective as the natural beauty of the forest creates a utopia, although contrasting with the violence and fear within the film, creating an interesting contrast. Different examples of lighting are also used, including the sequences using low key lighting. This creates a traditional negative atmosphere. Although high key saturated lighting is also used to challenge the tradition of negative films incorporating low key lighting, creating an overall unique and effective trailer.


Sound: The beginning of this trailer opens with a non-diegetic soft, gentle and quite opera piece, joined with ambient diegetic sounds of birds tweeting, overall creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere, contrasting to the dystopia setting of this film. However there are non-diegetic examples of keyboards and string orchestras with a lower key, creating a more unsettling and mysterious mood. This is followed by a non-diegetic dramatic beating of a drum which grows faster in pace to create tension, as well as the growing in volume classical music. Additionally, there is an example of a unsettling violin which creates a distorted, mysterious and eerie atmosphere, overall showing the action filled, dramatic and thriller story. Editing: Transitions throughout this trailer include cuts and some sharp cuts to create a fast paced, intense and exciting trailer. Cut transitions are used in time to the beat of the drum. As the drum increases in pace, as does the shots, creating excitement and tension in this trailer. There is also a constant use of a dark filters in the shots. The use of the darker shots and colour scheme creates a dark, eerie and quite negative trailer, linking to the action and drama within this film. There is also an example of a shot-revere-shot between two main characters, showing their strong relationship. CGI is used to create fire on Katniss and the distinctive pin. This is done to show the violence within the film, but also the fire and determination and passion within the characters, stealing the audience’s attention and interest. Graphic words appear on a black screen in gold writing stating that “The Games” “Will Change” “Everyone”. This creates an effective and memorable sequence, which builds tension. The graphic title of the film uses black font on the gold distinctive pin that’s on fire. This shows the violence and danger within the film, as well as the excitement and intense film genre, creating an exciting and memorable film graphic. Things I could use? This film uses various close ups and extreme close ups to clearly present the character’s emotions. This is done with a hand held camera effect. The shaky effect creates a distorted atmosphere which effectively portrays the character’s emotions, which I would like to include in our production.


Sound: Non-diegetic sounds open the trailer, including low pitch violins and other string instruments. This creates a negative and eerie atmosphere, matching the mysterious storyline. A voice over narrative is used in the opening of the protagonist as he develop the storyline whilst various action shots are used. The violins grown slightly in pace as distorted metal noises are included, which is then followed by non-diegetic flashes of a low pitch distorted tension building noise. Higher pitch violins are added also. This non-diegetic piece creates a more triumphant and heroic effect, which contrasts to low pitch distorted noises. Fast paced non-diegetic drums are incorporated to add tension and create an intense and griping conclusion. This piece additionally signifies how the character’s time maybe running out, adding to the tension. Pleonastic gun shots are used to enhance upon the action element of the film and the foreshadowment of danger. Camera: Various close ups and shot-reverse-shots are used to introduce different characters, present their emotions and develop the story. A high level establishing shot is used which gradually grows in level, presenting the large buildings on the ground as well as in the distance as the ground seems to bend, making it seem as if the building will collide. This is an interesting shot which reveals the elements of postmodernism within the film, due to the unusual setting and unanswered questions. The extreme close two shot of the two characters presents their close bound and relationship, presenting how this relationship will be important within the film, as well as developing the protagonist’s background. A long shot of a room is shown with a few male characters floating in the air who are all tied up. There is another character floating next to them. This portrays the strange and unique story and unanswered questions, due to how and why they are floating, keeping the audience’s attention. This links to the postmodern theme of this film. An establishing high level shot is used. This shot is split in half with the natural beach on the left with the crumbling building on the right. Here, the naturalistic and man made locations are combined. The crumbling building next to the perfect looking beach emphasises the disaster of the building and could further foreshadow later danger.


Mise en scene: Very low key lighting is used when introducing the main character, which shows just the characters figure, creating a negative and mysterious mood. The professional costumes of the formal business suits are used to represent their authority and inferred superiority of the characters and how they have importance in this story. The gun symbolises the action, danger and violence facing the characters. The very high key lighting on the extreme close up of the protagonist creates a distorted and eerie atmosphere as this is one of the only examples of this bright lighting used through the sequence. It enhances upon the character’s expression of fear and surprise, making the audience question what he is seeing. The location of the large buildings on the beach could represent the story of the film. The beach is a natural landscape which links to the beauty and peace of dreams. The collapsing buildings could symbolise what the character’s are doing with people’s dreams, such as using them for their own advantage. The two together could foreshadow later corruption in the film. Editing: The opening section includes various cut to black transitions. This creates a harsh transition and so a quick and fast paced sequence, relating to the mystery. Cut transitions are also used to speed up sequences, including the fast paced action shot with various fighting shots, creating an overall action-packed and gripping sequence. Graphic titles appear of the main people involved in the production, including director and lead actors. The font is of a bold silver colours, linking to the futuristic and unusual theme of the film. The writing is clear and easy to read. CGI is used to create various explosions. This creates a thrilling atmosphere, representing the danger and action awaiting the characters in the film. A slow motion edit is used in certain sequences to enhance upon the danger of thrill within the sequence. This include the shot of some character unconscious with water around them. This effect exaggerates the danger that the characters are in. The graphic title of the film is of a complex design which includes many lines to create a maze like effect, which could interpret how the character’s are struggling through the film to reach their goal, as if they’re trapped in a maze. Things I could use? This use of slow motion was very effective, and I feel we should use this edit to create a complex and interesting trailer. Also, the use of non-diegetic sound was rather powerful, due to the triumphant and eerie effects created, and so we could include elements of low pitch sounds for an effective and dramatic piece.