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Media – Trailer 6-10 Analysis:

Media – Trailer 6-10 Analysis Jodie Goodacre


Camera: Opens with a two shot introducing the two main characters, showing the audience their personalities and how they react to one another. Continuous zoom close up of the two characters allows the audience to concentrate on the characters, showing their importance to the story. Various examples of shot-reverse-shots, two shots and over the shoulder shots to show how the two character’s relationship is developing and their interactions. Establishing shot of Tom and the large fountain is used to emphasis his positive and happy emotion. Low angle mid shot of Tom makes him appear powerful, presenting his confidence and happiness. The establishing shot of the large dance group is used to exaggerate Tom’s happiness and the positive aspect of the story. Sound Silence is used except for the dialogue of the two characters. The silence allows the audience to concentrate on the dialogue and how the couple react to one another. Non-diegetic upbeat violins are used to create a positive and happy atmosphere, linking to the easy-going film. Narrative is used to introduce the characters, explain the story and create a positive story book atmosphere. Silence is also used to emphasises comedic dialogue. Non-diegetic popular positive songs are used, including gentle guitars and drums to create a calming setting. https://


Mise en scene: Tom’s professional personality is shown through his smart costume, including ties, waistcoats and shirts, which also shows his traditional views on life. Summer is also dressed in professional clothing to match her job role, although she is also dressed in more feminine yet fun costumes, which shows her more free and unique spirit. The wedding ring signifies love and a life long relationship, which contrasts with the overall story. This could show how audience how love is not the only important aspect within this film. High key lighting is used through out, to create a positive and fun atmosphere. The fountain exaggerates the positivity and happiness that Tom is experiencing. The explosions of the water in the air links to Tom’s bursts of happiness. The pen drawing from Tom presents his creativity, developing his character. Editing: The old childhood videos are used to create a positive and upbeat atmosphere, as well as showing the audience the two characters as they grow up separately. This shows how the couple are so different yet similar. The fade to black transitions are used to project a perfect, happy and dream like story. The black background with the blue graphics sayings “Day __” creates an interesting and story like effect. CGI is used to create the blue cartoon birds on Tom’s hands. This exaggerates Tom’s good mood. Establishing shot shows a real image slowly change into a drawing. This creates a creative interesting effect, which could show how the story overall feels overly perfect that it should be a piece of art. The film graphics is of a bold blue font on black background, creating a bold and eye catching title. What I could use in my trailer? The exclamatory editing of the CGI cartoon birds was an interesting factor used, and we could take inspiration from this in our trailer, depending on the genre of our film. The drawing black and white filter is also interesting and artistic, and s we could use different filter in our trailer.


Camera: Opens with a high level and angle establishing shot looking down on a large boat at night during a storm. This shows how vulnerable and weak the characters on the boat appear, compared to the rough waves and storm. The close up of the character allows the audience to see his expression of fear and just how powerful the storm is. The close up of the character at a canted angle portrays his feelings of fear, creating a negative atmosphere. Long shot of character underwater with back to camera, watching the falling ship sink. This shot makes the character appear vulnerable and small as he is compared to the large boat, making the audience empathise and fear for him. This negative atmosphere then becomes positive due to the establishing shot of a colourful sunset, linking to the idea of paradise. Point of view shot of a tiger in a small boat, changing to a low angle close up of the angry tiger. The use of the close up and point of view shot focuses on the tiger, showing how the main character is in danger of the violent character. The establishing shots of the man and tiger on the boat at sea show how vulnerable, alone and weak they appear compared to the large and endless sea. Low angle close up of male makes him appear powerful and superior, contrasting to the high angle close up of the tiger submitting to the male, showing the changes in superiority. The extreme close up of the tiger shows the man stroking him and how their relationship has built and become stronger. Sound: Ambient sound of thunder and strong wind introduces the audience to the negative scene of a rough storm. This sound is also pleonastic to emphasis the strength of the storm and the negative atmosphere. Silence is used to focus on the graphic words on the screen to ensure the audience reads them. The ambient yet pleonastic sound of the boat alarm signifies the danger. Non-diegetic use of a piano at high pitch is used to create a positive atmosphere, contrasting to the negative storm scenes. The pleonastic sounds of the tiger growling is used to show the violent and dangerous character, showing the danger of the male. Non-diegetic loud drums are used when the tiger appears, to emphasis the fear to the main character. A non-diegetic orchestra is used, including violins, pianos and harps, to create a triumphant, positive atmosphere, showing the bravery and interesting story of the characters. https://


Mise en scene: The location of the sea focuses on how the tiger and man are alone, small and vulnerable and how they must work together to look after and rescue themselves. Also, the storm foreshadows the danger and violence that awaits them. The small raft and boat signifies the characters small space of safety. The letter in the can symbolises the main characters hope. The ragged clothing of the boy shows his negative situation in life. Whereas the bold, bright and colourful traditional clothing of the women symbolises positivity and hope. The tiger has connotations with bravery, violence and danger, whereas the tiger is seen to be vulnerable and weak out at sea, showing the contrasting characters. Also, the tiger could symbolise friendship and compassion. The lighting in the first scene is of low key to create a dark and negative atmosphere. This contrasts with the high key lighting through the rest of the trailer to create a more positive and hopeful setting. Editing: Edited black background with white credits , including how this story originated from a novel. Editing is used on the underwater shot, making the shot become lighter and brighter. This creates the effect of how this is a memory and the fade to white editing gives the impression that things become more positive for the main character after this negative situation. Graphic writing is used to show the audience inspiring words, linking to the magical journey of the character. CGI is used to edit in the tiger, in order to add a more dangerous yet interesting element to the story. Fade to next shot and cut shot transition is used to create a smooth sequence. The whale with the green water shows the beauty and wonders explored through the characters adventure. The graphic title is white on a blending blue and black background, which is bold, clear to read and creative, linking to the location of the sea in the story. Credits at the end include the director, producer, website, companies and others involved. What I could use in my trailer? We could use ambient sounds, which would create a natural and simple negative atmosphere. Lighting here was clear at distinguishing moods, which we could use to clearly create different atmospheres.


Camera: Establishing low angle shot of a graveyard during night time creating a spooky and negative atmosphere Pan close up mid shot of a figure running through a forest, creating an element of mystery, as the audience do not know what the character is running from. Close up on the sword, showing an element of danger and violence, foreshadowing what is yet to come. Collection of close up and medium shots of the main character, introducing the main characters to the audience, focusing on them. Medium shot of a women pinned up against the wall with a shadow overcasting her body, creating an eerie and negative atmosphere, showing how powerful and superior this antagonist is. Many close ups and shot-reverse-shots are used to introduce characters and develop the story. The antagonist is not included in many shots, in order to add mystery towards his character. Sound: Ambient sounds of wolves howling to create a stereotypical negative and eerie atmosphere. Non-diegetic war drums begin to play to build tension and create an eerie setting. Pleonastic noise of the man’s running foot steps and heavy breathing, to emphasise the fear of this character and the danger awaiting him. The pleonastic sound of the thunder creates a traditional eerie and negative atmosphere. Non-diegetic sound of high pitch violins are used. The violins are of higher pitch to create an unsettling atmosphere, linking to the negative film genre. This non-diegetic backing alters to faster paced violins and drums to produce an eerie and adventurous setting. Pleonastic gun shots, sward swipes and explosions to exaggerate the elements of violence and to create tension. https://


Mise en Scene: The location of the graveyard during the night time links to a traditional and stereotypical location for a horror/thriller film. The fog, graves, forest and night time all exaggerate and emphasis the negative and eerie story. The antagonists sword emphasises the violence within the film and his evil character. The lighting throughout the film is of a low key to emphasise the negative genre. The costumes clearly symbolise the historical time period. They are also of dark tones, which links to the eerie and unsettling atmosphere. A black horse was used to emphasis the characters evil, dark and negative personality. Editing Fade to next shot transitions are used to create a traditional story effect and smooth sequence. Cut transitions are also used in the chaise scene to speed up the sequence, used with fast paced sequences to create an overall fast paced and intense piece. Black backgrounds are used to shows credits, including the main actor. A blue filter is used throughout the trailer in order to add an element of negativity, as it makes the sequences look dark, like night, emphasising the eerie atmosphere in the trailer. The end sequence also includes many fast paced actions shots, The cut transitions and fast paced editing makes the sequence seem faster and more intense. CGI is used to create the explosion, showing the elements of danger and violence. The graphic title is on a black background using light blue credits and a sophisticated styled font, relating to the time period. The title is clear and bold for the audience. The trailer ends with the credits including the director, producer, writer, website, companies, logos and others involved in the creation. What I could use in my trailer? A constant colour filter could be used to create a dramatic, mysterious and negative tone. The traditional locations also could be used to create a stereotypical negative atmosphere in our trailer.


Camera: Establishing shot of man with his back to the camera. This creates mystery as well as allowing the audience to focus on the explosion and destruction behind the man. Collection of close ups are used with shallow focus. The shots focus on a low level building and a high angle toy. This creates the effect of a child's point of view. The close up of the butterfly trapped in the chain creates a dramatic and negative effect, showing the destruction of innocence, foreshadowing danger towards the child. Close ups are also used to create a mysterious tone when viewing the young boy. Through the close ups, the boys face is never viewed clearly, using shallow focus. Low angle close up of the main character saving others. The angle makes him seem important and powerful. This contrasts to the long shot of him sitting on his own in a dirty street. Collections of fast paced close ups and long shots are used to view the character flying and fighting others, showing his heroism and development of character. Sound: Non-diegetic soft slow speed piano, creating a calm atmosphere, which contrasts with the explosions and destruction occurring in the background. The piano music also creates a sad and depressing tone, linking to the destruction and character’s feelings. Voice over is used to develop the story and characters to the audience. The voice over is also asynchronous to allow other shots to be viewed whilst the narrative plays. This allows the audience to watch the story progressing whilst listening to what's happening. Non-diegetic low drums appear at low pitch to build tension. Fast paced violins are incorporated to create an effect intense atmosphere. The fast paced violins also create a powerful atmosphere, linking to the heroic character. The non-diegetic violins and drums increase in volume and pitch when the main character is viewed flying, emphasising his heroic character and adding a positive and powerful development to the hero. https://


Mise en scene: The butterfly caught in the chain creates a negative and eerie atmosphere as well as showing the destruction of innocence. This foreshadows violence and danger yet to come to the child. The red cape signifies power, passion and heroism, showing the characters personality. The main characters other costume of earthy tones and dirty quality shows his poverty, as well as contrasting with his heroic costume. The “S” object signifies the characters hope, as shown by the way the light shines on to it, presenting its positivity. Lighting in the first half is of low key, creating a negative tone, although lighting in the second half is of high key, showing the positivity created due to the main character. The war weapons and aircraft are all signifiers of the elements of war, danger, violence and action within the film. Editing: Many examples of CGI are used throughout to create explosions, showing the violence, danger and action within the film. Fade to black transitions are used to make a dream like effect Shallow focus is used when viewing the young boy, not allowing the audience to view his face, creating mystery and tension. Credits included the director, producer, date released, website and other involved in the creation of the film. The film title is in bold shiny silver font on a black background, creating a interesting, bold and futuristic looking title, linking to the film genre of action and heroism. What I could use in my trailer? I liked the use of shallow focusing on the shots of the little boy, which we could use in our trailer t make a character seem mysterious as you can not see them clearly.


Camera: Long shot of a single ballet dancer in all white in a pitch black room with a spot light in the corner. This shot ensures that you can not see her face properly, adding a sense of mystery and eerie element. Extreme close up of the main character with a mixture of point of view shots of her spinning and what she would see when spinning. This fast paced pan point of view shot makes the audience feel disorientated due to the blurred effect, showing the character’s feelings of exhaustion yet hardworking character. Close up on the marks/ scratches on the characters back, creates foreshadowment of violence. Close up of mother clipping characters nails harshly, creating a negative atmosphere. Close up of main character with her reflection behind her turning to face her. This produces an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. Extreme close up main character in bath, showing her face underwater and distorted. This is followed by a medium low level shot of her sitting up looking around, portraying as if someone was watching her. The final shots are all using the hand held effect, creating a shaky and disorientated feel, making the audience feel the fear and tension. Sound: The trailer opens with non-diegetic high pitched piano. The high pitched keys create an eerie and unsettling mood, whereas the piano links to the delicacy and softness of the ballet dancer. This backing music is also of quite a low volume, allowing the audience to focus on the eerie narration of the main character. Soft non-diegetic violins are used at slow pace, adding to the eerie mood by still reflects the elegance of the ballet dancers. This is also of low volume to focus on the narration and dialogue of the characters to develop the story. Pleonastic sound of breaking china which is used to surprise the audience and add tension. Non-diegetic sound of heavy breathing and wind effect to build tension. Pleonastic sound of shocked and scared breathing, to show how something scary has happened to the character, adding mystery and tension. Distorted violins, pianos and whispers are used to make intense and eerie scenes. Pleonastic sound of the main character pulling the stick out of the wound to make the audience feel uncomfortable and to show the violence within the film. https://


Mise en scene: The lighting throughout the trailer is of low key, to create a negative and eerie mood. The costumes used establish the element of ballet within the film, as well as showing character personalities. The main character is dressed in light shaded clothing to show her positive character, whereas another character, Lily, is seen dressed in dark clothing, which has a negative connotation. The ballet figure in the music box with the upper body broken off creates a negative and violent mood, foreshadowing violence and danger awaiting the main character. The prop of the face mask is used to create an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere. The green filter on one of the dancing scenes is used to signify the disorientation and fear of the main character, as well creating a negative and sickly mood. The red eyes on the last shot symbolise the evil, negativity and danger within the film. Editing: Fade to black transitions are used to create a dream like effect as well as a negative, dark atmosphere. Credits appear throughout the trailer, using white font on a black screen with green scratches, including the director, actors and the opening night. Cut transitions are used to create smooth sequence. They also make intense scenes seem faster and more tense. The graphic title of the film is of a white bold font in capitals, creating a bold and eye catching title. The end credits include those that were involved, the website and the company logos. What I could use in my trailer? The colours of the costumes clearly displayed the character’s personalities, which we could clearly do in our trailer, to distinguish the good from the bad. The diegetic smash was effective as it surprised the audience, which we could ensure to do in our trailer, to foreshadow future danger.