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Media – Trailer 1-5 Analysis:

Media – Trailer 1-5 Analysis Jodie Goodacre


https:// Camera: Opens with establishing wide shot pan of an army base, showing the violent and action aspects as well as setting the scene. Extreme close up of the main character, allowing the audience to focus on the confusion and fear in his expression. The canted angle creates a distorted shot, showing the characters fear and confusion. This shot is repeatedly shown, effectively showing the audience the story and plot. Shot-reverse-shot with a hand held shaky movement when showing conversations to show the main characters feelings of confusion. Collection of various examples of establishing shots, close ups and two shots to show the action genre of this film though the fighting scenes. Hand held movement effect in the last section to show the fear of the characters and to create tension. Sound: Begins by using only silence followed by the diegetic pleonastic sound of heavy breathing which creates an intense atmosphere. The voice over narrative informs the audience of what is going to occur as well as creating a story like effect. The distorted high pitch non-diegetic echo sounds create tension and a negative atmosphere. Dialogue of the actors screaming and shouting shows their distress, despair and fear, also helping to create a negative atmosphere. Tension is created by the pleonastic sounds of the explosions, alarms and air craft, linking to the war and action genre. Examples of low pitch backing non-diegetic sounds of distorted sci-fi and wind sounds are incorporated to create tension and to show the danger, which slowly increases in speed as the trailer progresses to create an intense mood as well as keeping the audience’s attention. Low pitch war drums occur at a high speed added with distorted eerie noises. The drums are effective as they are linked to a heat beat, which slowly increases in time, creating tension. Non-diegetic fast paces violins are also incorporated.


Mise en Scene: The location of the army base presents to the audience the violence and danger which is to occur, as well as linking to the action genre of the film. The aircraft on fire is a signifier as to later destruction, violence and danger awaiting the characters in the story. The costumes of the main characters are dull and dark clothing showing the dystopian time. Also the war armour viewed shows the danger and fighting aspects, and presenting to the audience the later danger. Props including the weapons, machines and war crafts are all signifiers of the violence, action and war within the story, creating a negative effect. Low key lighting is used throughout the trailer to create a dark, negative and dystopian atmosphere effectively. Editing: Fade to black transitions are used near the beginning to create a dream like effect and tension. CGI and special effects are used on the fire on the aircraft in order to create a tense and violent atmosphere, as well as showing the future destruction. The action scenes include fast paced quick shots, making a tense and exciting sequence. The screen fades to black with a faded planet shape, showing the repeated graphics of “live “die” “repeat” developing the story. These shots appear more frequently as the trailer progresses, speeding up slowly to create an intense sequence. A dark, dull filter is used throughout the trailer creating a negative trailer. CGI of the explosions emphasises the violence and danger within the film. Cut transitions are used in the action sequences to speed up the shots and trailer to create tension. Credits include the names of the two main actors in a clear silver font. The film title is in wrote is a clear and bold silver and orange font over the black sci-fi background. Silver is used to link to the futuristic aspect and orange is used to show the danger within the film. End credits include director, producer, other actors, the website, release date and companies. What I could use in my trailer? The intense non-diegetic sounds were effective, and I could incorporate war drums of ticking in my trailer. I liked to constant use of low key lighting and use this to create a dystopian atmosphere. The hand held movement of sequences was also effective and I could use this to build tension.


Camera: Extreme close up of a dark eye creates an eerie and unsettling atmosphere, making the audience feel uncomfortable due to the large eye. Angles are used to establish character positions. The high angle shot of the little girl in the corridor makes her appear vulnerable and small, whereas the low level and angle medium shot of Anna makes her appear more powerful and superior, showing the difference in the characters. The extreme close up of the dead butterfly with needles in also makes the audience uncomfortable, due to the eerie and negative atmosphere created. A close up is used to focus on Julie sleeping whilst Anna strokes her face slowly in order to create an unsettling mood. Extreme close up of Anna’s bleeding hand with needles in. This creates an eerie mood as this is what she uses on the butterflies, although it has now been used on her. Close up of Julie’s eye peeping in through a hole in the wall, followed by her putting her hand in. The shot makes Julie’s eye and hand appear quite small, linking to her youth, innocence and vulnerability as she reaches into the off limits room, causing the audience to fear for her. The low angle close up focuses on the fear in the mothers face. The audience can also see Anna behind her watching them in a blurred focus, creating an eerie and negative mood. Sound: Opens with a non-diegetic sound of heavy breathing effect followed by a collection of eerie sounds such as door creaks and metal sounds, all creating an intense atmosphere. When the camera focuses on Anna, she is already established as the antagonist due to the distorted sounds decreasing in pitch, showing her negative character. The non-diegetic drum produces tension as it links to a heart beat and how time is running out for the characters. The drum also increases in speed slowly throughout the trailer, creating an intense atmosphere. Pleonastic diegetic sound of the door creaking, linking to the traditional negative sounds expected from a thriller/ horror film. The diegetic dialogue of Anna saying “I’m your mummy now” is slightly distorted, creating a negative and eerie atmosphere, followed by the pleonastic screaming of Julie. The non-diegetic sound of the thunder at the end of the trailer is also negative in a traditional form. https://


Mise en Scene: The location of the large apartment building is used to show how there are many different people in one place, and showing how the good may not have anywhere to hide from the bad, as they all live in the same building. The dead butterfly is the signifier of the death of innocence. The connotation of butterflies include innocence, purity, freedom and vulnerability. This dead butterfly could resemble Julie as she is youthful picture of innocence and vulnerability in the film. Therefore, this could foreshadow the violence and danger yet to come for Julie. The lighting is quite varied in the trailer; there are examples of high key saturated colour which could link to the youth of Julie, and there are also low key lighting to create a darker and negative sequence. Each costume is of neutral, earthy and dull tones, which links to the negativity within the story. Anna is dressed in casual clothes, which contrast to her evil and menacing character. The mother’s jewellery are signifiers to her wealthy character. The dagger concluding the trailer is used to signify the violence and danger within the story and awaiting the protagonists. Editing: Fade to black transitions are used in order to create a story like effect. The shots were made to be fast paced when viewing the dead butterflies in the butterfly room, in order to make a quick, distorted and eerie scene. The edited effect makes the shots appear in a black and white flash, making an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere. The same effect is used on a close up of Anna, making an eerie and negative tone. The close up of the mother also includes a shallow focus on Anna in the background, so Anna is not clearly visible, creating tension and a dramatic effect. A red filter is used in one shot to create a negative atmosphere, due to red signifying danger and violence. Credits include the actors names as well as the film title with bold white font on a dark butterfly background, linking to the story. What I could use in my trailer? The props of the dead butterflies were very intense and dramatic and I would like to add eerie props to build tension. The editing of the red filter on the drowning sequence was effective, and I would like to incorporate unusual filters in sections to create a unique and intense trailer


Camera: Fast paced establishing shots of an average High school and class room, changing to a close up of a student with graphic writing informing the audience he is the “new kid”. Match on action close up shots of a male character throwing a paper ball at the new kid. This shows how this character is a stereotypical underdog, making the audience sympathise with him as well as showing his positive character. Ed is also presented to be a stereotypical relatable teenager, due to him feeling like an outcast, which most can relate to. Over the shoulder examples used between Ed and Ashby, allowing their character’s to be developed and showing their relationship. Medium shot of Ashby firing a gun. This character therefore is an example of an anti stereotype, as someone at his age would not be expected to be firing guns, showing his interesting character, as well as surprising the audience. The characters of Ashby and Ed are presented to contrast highly. Two shot of Ed and Ashby, which shows the audience how their relationship is developing. Sound: Sound is used in the opening of the trailer to introduce Ed’s character. Non-diegetic backing sounds of an acoustic guitar and drums at medium pitch. These neutral instruments create a positive and happy atmosphere, linking to the introduction of Ed’s character, making him appear likable. Pleonastic diegetic sound of the other students laughing when the paper ball is thrown at Ed. This emphasises how Ed is the stereotypical outcast and underdog. Silence is used in some areas to allow the audience to focus on the humorous dialogue, linking to the comedic genre. Although, when Ashby is introduced, the non-diegetic sounds alter to a low pitch base guitar and upbeat drums. This creates an excited and upbeat atmosphere, which shows Ashby’s character clearly. The pleonastic sound of Ashby’s gun emphasises how Ashby is not the stereotypical character to use a gun, surprising the audience. The non-diegetic sounds alter to upbeat drums and guitar. This positive music shows the audience how the two have become closer and how their relationship has improved. https://


Mise en Scene: Ashby’s costume is very stereotypical as he is dressed in comfy and casual clothing, expected of his age, which contrasts to his extraordinary character. The gun signifies Ashby’s exciting and unique character, as well as emphasising his un stereotypical character. Ed’s costume is very simple, average, casual yet smart clothing, expressing his normality which is relatable to the audience. The location of the average high school links to Ed and his youth. Also, the ordinary High School shows how and extraordinary story can occur for an ordinary teenage, by meeting Ashby. The colours of Ed’s costumes show his character and situation. For example the green b lazer that Ed wears at the beginning of the trailer contrasts to the red and white uniform of the rest of the students. This emphasises how Ed is an outcast and does not fit in. Although, as the trailer progresses he is seen in a white and red football uniform with other students, presenting how he has now begun to fit in with his peers and has now found himself, which could be due to his new friendship with Ashby. Editing: Various examples of the sliding to next shot transition (wipes) are used throughout, which links to the comedic and positive genre of the film. Graphic writing on the close ups of Ed appear in red saying “Being the new kid” “isn't easy”. This is done in order to emphasises how Ed is the outcast and underdog, making the audience empathises with him. A fade to white transition is used when being introduced to Ashby. This is done to show his different and alternative character. The colour white also have a positive and pure connotation, thus linking to Ashby’s character. The fade to black transition is used after Ashby fires his gun, focusing on him and creating a dramatic atmosphere. The credits include the names of the main actors wrote in bold red writing on a white background with their characters image to the side. This clearly shows the audience the actors names and who they play. The film title “Ashby” is in the same bold red font with a bullet hole in the “b”, linking to Ashby’s exciting character. What I could use in my trailer? I liked the idea of using anti-stereotypical characters, such as an elderly person who is seen as strong and mysterious. I could incorporate anti-stereotypical characters in my trailer to add depth.


https:// Camera: Two shot of the man and woman dancing which shows their positive relationship, creating a happy and positive shot. Changes to a high angle shot of their house, foreshadowing future negativity. Close up low level shot of mans foot stopping on the floor. Low angle medium shot of man walking down dark stairs creating an eerie mood. Pan establishing shot of the downstairs, which pans to view a dead mans face on the side. This creates an eerie and unsettling tone. Medium shot of new character with back to camera, creating mystery. Continuous zoom close up of the male’s face focusing on his scared expression. Point of view shot inside the car viewing a man getting hit by the car, breaking the front glass. This creates mystery as the audience can not see the characters face, as well as linking to the action and violent aspect of the film, foreshadowing future danger. Sound: Begins with non-diegetic collection of string instruments to create a positive tone, presenting how the couple’s lives currently are happy. Silence is used before the couple discover the dead body, to create tension, followed by distorted non-diegetic noises. Faint examples of non-diegetic drums to build tension, showing how the couple are running out of time. Pleonastic sound of glass breaking which foreshadows to the violence and danger ahead of the characters, as well as creating a tension. Non-diegetic collection of distorted fast paced drums and violins which create an intense and exciting atmosphere, linking to the action genre. The pleonastic gun shots present the elements of violence within the film.


Editing: The graphic writing of “an ordinary couple” on a black background emphasises how normal the couple are. The first sequence of the trailer includes fade to black transitions which creates a dream like effect, linking to the perfect happy couple aspect. Although, before they discover the body the shots begin to speed up with cut transitions, building tensions and showing the audience how something negative will occur. A blue filter is used when viewing the dead body, which is used to add a tone of distress and sadness. A fade to black transition is used when viewing the money. This has only been used during the positive first sequence, showing how this money is a positive thing through the couple’s eyes. The trailer overall is quite dull and dark from the filter used, which creates a more eerie and negative atmosphere, linking to the story. The graphic title is quite simple, with white writing on a black background. The word “good” is replaced with various negative words before which flash in and out at fast pace, showing how the average person can hide their other qualities under the surface, appearing as “good” people. Mise en Scene: The ordinary house emphasises how this is an every day couple, showing how this negative situation could occur to anyone. The costumes of the couple start of quite ordinary and contemporary also, although as the trailer continues their costumes become more dull and darker, showing the negativity of the film. The lighting is quite low key throughout, creating dark sequences, which link to the eerie atmosphere. The police cars show the aspect of violence and danger within the film. Also, the bag of money shows the greed within the characters, yet how important it is to the couple. The lighting become low key when the couple find the money which shows how this money may not benefit them as they think, but will cause them distress and despair. Further showing how the greed and want within people will only cause them trouble in the long run. The broken glass and guns are both signifiers of the danger and violence within this film and what awaits the characters. What I could use in my trailer? I liked the blue filter used in one section, which has inspired me to use different colour filters in my trailer in areas to create different interesting atmospheres and effects.


Camera: A low level close up pan shot views small feet walking, creating mystery as the audience can not see who this character is. Long shot cut soon to close up of Max which also creates a mysterious tone as well as focusing on the character. A collection of different close ups are used to view different characters, allowing the audience to view each character and be introduced to their personalities. Long shot at low angle viewing many men dressed in Germany WW2 traditional army uniforms. This shows their position and the historical context of the film. The high angle and level two shot of the couple in bed focuses on the fear in their faces, showing their emotions, as well as making them appear small and vulnerable. The point of view shot of the main character includes a hand held shaky movement. This shows clearly to the audience the disorientation and fear she is experiencing. Establishing shot of bombs and explosions of houses and cars shows the historical time and the danger, action and violence within the film. Sound: Opens with non-diegetic high pitch charms, creating a gentle and happy tone, contrasting to the violence on the screen. Non-diegetic low pitch ticking noises builds tension, implies how the characters will be faced with danger. The non-diegetic drums link to a heart beat, creating an intense and exciting atmosphere. Non-diegetic church bells are also incorporated to create tension, as they increase in speed gradually. The diegetic pleonastic sound of the glass breaking emphasises the violence within the film, foreshadowing danger yet to come. The backing music alters to a gentle, triumphant sounding orchestra, including violins, harps and string instruments. This creates a soothing yet intense setting, which keeps the audience interested. The voice over of the girl is used to focus on her character and words as well as viewing other intense shots, creating a positive yet haunting effect. Silence is used near the end to focus on the dramatic words spoken. https://


Mise en Scene: The historical bold Nazi flags are used as indication as the time period and setting. The powerful red and white flags with the dull and dark establishing shot show how patriotic this area is and how the flags (Hitler and the Nazis) have greatly impacted this shot (Germany). The army costumes indicate the historical setting as well as showing the characters and positions in society. The main characters costumes are darker, duller and slightly dirty, which shows their lower standing in society as well as the effect of the war on them. The book stolen is a signifier as to how this gives the girl hope and faith in this dystopian time. Also, this character acts an anti-stereotype. Therefore, the pile of books on fire could symbolise the destruction of hope for some, such as the girl, as well as linking to the historical event. The lighting in the first section is quite low key and dark, showing the negative and dystopian time setting. The lighting however become more saturated and high key in the third section, showing the development of hope that has been created, giving a positive effect. Editing: Graphic writing is used in the first section to show the audience various quotes of opinions towards the film, including how it was “breath taking”. This is presented on a cream background and dark blue font, linking to the theme of books. The shots are synchronous with the music, which creates a clean and smooth sequence. The fade to black transitions create a dream and story effect, linking to the film story. Slow motion is used slightly when viewing Max walking whilst turning back. This is to emphasis how he is watching if anyone is following him, creating a mysterious tone. The shots appear in time with the ticking noises using cut transitions, which build tension and creates an intense atmosphere. CGI is used to create the explosions, which foreshadows the danger that the characters are in. The graphic film title is on a cream background with dark blue bold handwritten font. This links to the theme of the books and stories within the film, by making the title look like writing on a page. What I could use in my trailer? The music in this trailer is very effective, and so I would like to incorporate contrasting sounds to establish the atmosphere, and to foreshadow negative actions.