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Read our top 5 tips for working in a recruitment agency. We cover salary, career progression and working environment plus more. Find out more at


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5 Reasons To Work for a Recruitment Agency:

5 Reasons To Work for a Recruitment Agency

1. The Job Role:

1. The Job Role Working as a recruitment consultant involves generating vacancies through building effective relationships with clients. When a recruitment consultant has gained a better understanding of their client’s recruitment needs and requirements, they find and attract appropriate candidates to fill the available role/s. In addition to helping organisations and individuals, a recruitment consultant position is a highly sales orientated role with great financial incentives. Working as a recruitment consultant will lead to the development of strong confidence, communication and interpersonal skills. These transferable skills can be used in many job roles and will help you to become a more effective member of your team, as well as increasing your employability overall.

2. The Salary:

2. The Salary The salary for a recruitment consultant is based on performance. As well as basic salary, Consultants have the opportunity to earn substantial commission depending on the results of their work. The job role is highly financially incentivised, giving Consultants motivation to deliver their best work. There are different basic salary rates depending on the role that you are working in. However, with the potential to earn commission and keep a consistent performance at work, higher positions can be attained - meaning a better basic overall.

3. Career Progression:

3. Career Progression If you start in an entry-level position in a recruitment agency , you would typically start as a trainee recruitment consultant or as a recruitment resourcer . Progression from the entry-level roles can be after 3 months depending on you achieving your target/s. Career progression for a recruitment consultant can lead to the attainment of a senior consultant or account manager role. Progression to these roles may happen after you have gained a few years’ experience, with strong performance throughout. Different training is also available to help further your knowledge of the business and develop your skills base.

4. Recruitment Environment:

4. Recruitment Environment The recruitment working environment is fast paced and highly target driven. The different recruitment consultant jobs available across the different sectors are all success driven with the added financial incentive provided by commission. Demonstrating a strong competitive and ambitious personality would be a positive characteristic to portray in this industry. In addition to being competitive, the working environment is also demanding and challenging. Nevertheless, it is very rewarding to consultants who work hard to achieve their best work.

5. Experience Gained:

5. Experience Gained Working with clients and other businesses will allow you to gain a more in-depth understanding of your sector and the roles available to candidates in their job search . Gaining this experience can lead to more options for recruitment jobs with your current employer, as well as promotions. Interaction with clients and candidates also provides extensive communication experience, equipping you the Consultant with the ability to deal with different situations in your role at work. This experience is very useful in many job roles and can help your career to progress – regardless of sector.

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