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My integrative leadership model to help guide listeners to stay on track in their own journey to being an effective leader!


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Integrative Leadership Model: Staying on Track:

Integrative Leadership Model: Staying on Track By: Jamie Hoag

Five Competencies of Leadership:

Five Competencies of Leadership Vision/Mission Values Engagement Strategy Empowerment


Organization Locomotive: Pulls passenger cars (competencies) Aiming to accomplish set out goals


Leaders Two types of leadership roles: Engineer (main leader): Whole train (organization) Mentor Conductor (manager): Passenger cars Coach Two Roles = Overall Success ( Fankhauser , 2008, Holmes, 2010, & Reh , 2012)

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Tender Car is powering the organization: Mission (Daft, 2013, p. 56) Vision (Gill, 2011, p. 141) Occasional stops = clients/outside resources Mission/Vision The School for Professional Studies (SPS)

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Values Passenger Car: Unique to each organization (Lauby, 2012) Strong beliefs Values

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Empowerment Passenger Car: Providing employees (Gill, 2011, p. 236) : Knowledge – Authority Self-Confidence – Resources Opportunity – Responsibility Freedom – Decision-Making Empowerment

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Strategy Passenger Car: (Gill, 2011, p. 200-209) Organization’s journey & purpose Formed by its core values Strategy

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Engagement Passenger Car: (Kruse, 2012) Emotional commitment Positive affects on employees Engagement

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Caboose: Pulling the switch Helping fellow employees succeed Teamwork

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Creativity Awareness Resilience Discipline Self ( Farsight , 2010)

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Difficult Journey (Boom, 2012)

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It’s your journey, go at your own pace and decide the best way YOU CAN STAY ON TRACK!

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