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Oracle Innovations Behind Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a relatively new term that has been enjoying a splash of media attention. But many of the innovations that make cloud computing possible have been maturing at Oracle for decades . Cloud computing is a term for computing platforms that provide flexible, scalable resources that are accessed over a network. Cloud computing offers a powerful, highly efficient, and flexible service to business user who can tailor it to their needs without needing to know anything about the underlying technology. Why is Oracle Customer Hub innovative? Lanir:The new system had to support many sophisticated business flows that are not part of any single product offering while also seamlessly integrating with many heavily used enterprise applications. We took many off-the-shelf technology components and wove them together to create a complex business system that still fundamentally implements packaged products and tools rather than building custom systems from scratch. In some cases this required designing our own custom connectors and process orchestration logic. In other cases it required a highly creative configuration in order to satisfy the business requirements. But at the core, we were able to stay true to the approach of using Oracle's standard packaged applications to run Oracle's business—an approach which is a cornerstone of Oracle Application IT's charter and mission