pokemon sprite battle

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Slide 1: 

Pixseed: What is this room it looks like a cargo bay?

Slide 2: 

Simulator Process Activated!

Slide 3: 

Pixseed: Wait, what!? Hey let me out of here!

Slide 4: 

Pixseed: Who are you!? Simulation: You will know after a battle!

Slide 5: 

Pixseed: Allow me! Explosive Seed!

Slide 7: 

Simulation: That didn’t do nothing. Oh, well… Furious Slash!

Slide 10: 

Simulation was affected by Internal Burning.

Slide 11: 

Simulation: oww… *breathing heavily*

Slide 12: 

Pixseed: Copy Cat!

Slide 13: 

Pixseed: Furious Slash!

Slide 15: 

Simulation: Affected by Internal Burning!

Slide 16: 

Simulation: You will… not win! Crashing Falcon!

Slide 19: 

Simulation: I told you couldn’t win! It wasn’t your destiny. Yet……

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