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Slide 1: 

Embreon: JesusRemix you will pay for my suffering.

Slide 2: 

JesusRemix: OK…? Anyway we don’t have time for this. Use your strongest attack.

Slide 3: 

JesusRemix: Blazing Whirlwind

Slide 5: 

Shadow: Mind Corruption!

Slide 7: 

Not Very Effective

Slide 8: 

Shadow: Darn it I forgot that Embreon is a dark type, and psychic pokemon.

Slide 9: 

Pixseed: I guess, I will use Light Beam.

Slide 12: 

Embreon: This is not fair I only attack 1 out of 4 times. I got it!

Slide 13: 

Embreon actives his special ability. Burning Rage!

Slide 14: 

Embreon: Now I can attack twice. Hypnotic Ray!

Slide 16: 

Unaffected Asleep Asleep

Slide 17: 

Embreon: Celebrity Nightmare!

Slide 19: 

Everyone awoke from their nightmare!

Slide 20: 

JesusRemix: I will finish you! Mystical Flame!

Slide 23: 

Embreon: I you will get you back!

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