Node js or PHP for ecommerce websites

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WHich is best? Node js or PHP for ecommerce website development.


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INTRODUCTION If you are pristine to professional level website development, you must be wondering why we are speaking of Node JS for ecommerce development? You must have overheard of PHP being the most popular programming language. Then why node js instead of PHP?  


Right from 2009 when Node JS came into existence, it has been competing with the similar programming language -PHP. When it comes to ecommerce, a Node JS shopping cart is clearly simpler, more versatile, faster and scalable than a PHP-based store. Developers are considering Node JS more effective in building an ecommerce site from scratch. Here is a comparison that will explain how and why. Why compared node JS with PHP?


PHP provides unlimited access to write content in the codes. There are PHP tags that can add content from another website. Just open the tags and write your content. This eliminates the need for predefined templates to write general content on the website. Content within Codes This is where Node JS for ecommerce comes into the play. It allows you to segregate the codes from the general and logical layers like content writing, and make the interface comprehensible for the non-coders.


PHP is everywhere, but does these platforms have new code base? Are they equipped with codes required by the new scenario? Clearly not. The codes in these platforms satisfy a tech that is at least two decades old, and most of them are still using the same codes. Outdated Codes vs New Code Base Contrastingly, Node JS is quite new to the developers and is still in the development phase. The codes are clearly cutting-edge and based on a tech for the new generation of developers. Updated with recent tools and security measures, you can expect a Node JS ecommerce site to keep up with the contemporary requirements, at least for 10-15 years more.


This is where PHP wins over the Node JS. However, simplicity is not that you would always consider when developing large-scale projects. Especially when you are using node js for ecommerce development , the technology should not be weighed upon the simplicity but for efficiency. Simplicity vs Complexity Node JS might seem a little complex to learn, it does not fail you in offering the accessibility to handle complex logic with superlative ease. Moreover, it works swiftly with JavaScript and JQuery , where PHP starts to slow down the website as you add more JavaScript to the code. The modern-day syntax of Node JS is simpler in term of object and functions creation. It might not be simpler, but quite accessible to implement even the biggest requirements written in your SRS document.


PHP relies on traditional and relational database like MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB to store the data. It works great with traditional SQL databases like Microsoft and Oracle. However, when it comes to working without SQL, the NoSQL approach is not very popular in PHP. SQL vs NoSQL Node JS works smoothly with SQL as well as NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases, like MongoDB and Couch DB. It equally shows an affinity with the graph database systems like Neo4j.


PHP is synchronous in nature except for some selectable APIs, which behave as asynchronous in special cases. The codes run in sequences and wait for the previous lines to finish executing before running the next line in the code. This makes the whole program to crash or run slower in the event of a deadlock or error. Synchronous vs Asynchronous Nature Node JS for ecommerce or any type of app follows an asynchronous pattern in executing the codes. It means the JavaScript engine will run the entire programs in one go, without waiting for the previous and individual line run first.


As we discussed, PHP wants you to switch continuously between the syntax and languages, even in the MVC structure. For example, while developing a PHP based ecommerce website, you would be using LAMP stack that includes SQL syntax for a database, different PHP syntax for View and controllers, and Linux for server-side programming and commands. All of them have different syntax and you require possessing an advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript to work with LAMP stack. Contrastingly, using MEAN stack, a Node JSs site is developed using JavaScript on both sides of the website: server-side and front-side. Therefore, you need not switching between the languages and syntaxes while writing codes for front or back end respectively. LAMP vs MEAN/ MERN


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