How product photos can bring in better ecommerce conversions

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How product photos can bring in better e-commerce conversions, it gives the first impression of your store items


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How product photos can bring in better ecommerce conversions?:

How product photos can bring in better ecommerce conversions?


INTRODUCTION Conversion rate optimization thrives on various parameters and one such defining parameter which fashions a miracle to wheedle customers into purchasing products is eCommerce product photos.  When we interviewed ten thousand respondents in June 2017, nearly 70 % of customers opined that customer reviews and ratings are second fiddle to clear and detailed product images. 

10 Useful Tips for your eCommerce Product Photos  :

10 Useful Tips for your eCommerce Product Photos  Use relevant images The first and foremost thing is to use relevant images. You obviously don’t want to show a proud teetotaler a bottle of Absolut Vodka. Improper positioning of images or placing images out of context can defame your eCommerce site. Hereafter, avoid image mismatch.

Use eBay quality images:

Use eBay quality images  eBay is known for its excellent images and needless to say, eBay picture quality is the latest benchmark. The following parameters should be taken into consideration before declaring an image as a ‘high quality’ one: Saturation Colorfulness Brightness Foreground Segmentation Background Segmentation Contrast Ratio of white space and the product

Always set proper image size:

Always set proper image size The size of the images should be neither too small nor too large. According to Amazon marketplace, each and every product image uploaded to the marketplace should be at least 1000 pixels in width or height.

Show your product from multiple angles:

Show your product from multiple angles Brick and Motor stores have an advantage – Customers visit the stores and feel the product. Online stores do not have this advantage. To compensate for this, it is advised to show your product from multiple angles.

Display images of every available variant:

Display images of every available variant One of the reasons why Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce giant is an absolute charmer is that it displays pictures of every available variant of every listed product. If your online store lists mobile phones, and if you are running flash sales of Moto G phones, display images of every possible color- Black, White, Gold etc.

Images not available isn’t acceptable:

Images not available isn’t acceptable Many online retailers take the extra liberty of listing products without displaying images. They simply put a tag stating ‘Image Not Available’. This affects the credibility of the eCommerce site. Always ensure that when the listing goes live, images should be clearly visible. For all intents and purposes, avoid alt tags.

Provision to zoom :

Provision to zoom More often than not, customers like to hover over the products and zoom in to see the details and specifications of the products. A few customers are known to appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship of products such as clothes, shoes etc. The bottom line is that your online store should have provisions to facilitate zooming of images.

Use a template:

Use a template It is important to maintain consistency in all pictures. This can be accomplished by dint of a photo editing software that lets you edit images. To begin with, create a blank file and paste product images into the blank file. If the pixel width standard is set to two thousand pixels, you can crop the images. Zoom in on the necessary details and remove the unnecessary background.

Use a bankable photo editing tool:

Use a bankable photo editing tool Proponents of premium software should take comfort in the fact that premium software packages come with plenty of features and there is no restriction on which features should be used and which shouldn’t.

Complement images with videos:

Complement images with videos As an integral part of eCommerce optimization, it is suggested to complement images with short videos. Videos make your images look great and complete. Videos boost your sales and enhance conversions.


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